History of UEFA European Championship And 10 Best Goals Of 2020

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The UEFA European Championship, commonly known as Euro has existed since 1960. It ranks next to FIFA World Cup as the most prestigious completion for national teams. However it must not be confused with the European Cup.

According to UEFA history,only four teams included in the UEFA European Championship's first edition, which were Czechoslovakia, France, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. But was expanded to eight teams in 1980.

Although the first Euro Championship was held in the year 1960, the idea of it was much older, dating back to 1927. It was when the French Football Federation's administrator Henri Delaunay first proposed a pan-European football tournament.

Despite the fact that he later became the first General Secretary of UEFA, Delaunay had already passed away by the time the tournament was officially started. The tournament trophy was named after him, as an honour and tribute to the deceased General Secretary.

As per archives, the two most successful nations in the tournament's history are Germany and Spain, with three titles each.

Spain is known to be the only nation to successfully defend its title, having done so in 2012.

On the other hand, Germany has played the most matches (49), scored the most goals (72) and recorded the most victories (26).

Interestingly, in 1984, France became the only nation to win all of its matches at a tournament (5 out of 5).

The Euro Cup is presently the most excited and awaited football championship around the world. And the 2020 Euro Cup has given some of the best goals in history of UEFA European Championship.

Finally, Italy is set to face England in the finals of Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, which is tomorrow.

With the championship coming to an end, it's time to reflect on how great the action has been during the month. Here are the 10 best goals of the Euro 2020, that one must definitely know about.

1. France vs. Switzerland, Paul Pogba

What a mind blowing strike it was by Paul Pogba. What an extremely gorgeous blast it was! A goal from 25 yards out was stunning and was definitely the most brilliant goal of the tournament.

2. Portugal vs. Hungary, Cristiano Ronaldo

Goals are just a piece of beauty when it's from the legendary Chistian Ronaldo. The strike wasn't anything special at the match, instead it was the setup that was gorgeous. The intricate passing woven together to create this tally makes it memorable in the Euro 2020.

3. Czech Republic vs. Scotland, Patrik Schick

It was certainly the most memorable goal of 2020 in UEFA when Schick scored a goal from 50 yards out.

4. Ukraine vs. Netherlands, Andriy Yarmolenko

Although Ukraine lost this match to the Dutch with 3-2, but Yarmolenko's brilliant 75th minute missile was the talk of the football world in the aftermath.

5.  Denmark vs. Russia, Andreas Christensen

This goal started the brilliant run that took the Danes to the semifinals. A wonderstrike from Andreas Christensen that sent Denmark into a frenzy.

6.  Croatia vs. Scotland, Luka Modric

It was a moment of brilliance from the 2018 Ballon d'Or winner, Luka Modric. This outside-foot shot from the player buried a plucky Scotland side in the final game of Group D action.

7. Poland vs. Sweden, Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is undoubtedly the best pure goal scorer in the world and he just decided to do it all on his own on this match of 2020.

8. Wales vs. Turkey, Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey's perfectly-timed run and Gareth Bale's picture-perfect cross was the best memory of Euro 2020 for Wales. And it is talked all over the media.

9. Belgium vs. Denmark, Kevin de Bruyne

How can one just not talk about Kevin de Bruyne being one of the best players in the world?  He showed his quality on this strike after a picture-perfect setup from his Belgian teammates.

10. Russia vs. Finland, Aleksei Miranchuk

With a perfect little left-footed flick, Aleksei Miranchuk makes one of the memorable goals of 2020 Euro cup. Thanks to the team, with the help of which he made it possible to get a few sweet little passes and finally get through the back of the net.

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