ODI World Cup 2023: Tentative dates and venues of India's matches as per draft schedule

ODI World Cup 2023: Tentative dates and venues of India's matches as per draft schedule

ODI World Cup 2023: India's cricket fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, and now they have a glimpse of what the tournament's schedule might look like. According to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), India will kick off their campaign against Australia in Chennai on October 8. However, the highlight of the tournament will undoubtedly be the highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan, which is scheduled to take place a week later in Ahmedabad.

The draft schedule, shared by the BCCI with the International Cricket Council (ICC), is currently awaiting feedback from participating countries before the final schedule is released. The tournament is expected to commence on October 5 with a match between reigning champions England and the runners-up of the previous edition, New Zealand, in Ahmedabad. The same city is also likely to host the final on November 19, creating an electrifying atmosphere for the ultimate showdown.

While the schedule for the semifinals is yet to be determined, the BCCI has revealed that India's league phase matches will be held across nine cities, including Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru. These matches will be spread out from October 8 to November 11, giving fans across the country ample opportunities to witness the action-packed encounters.

With just a few months remaining until the commencement of the tournament, the delay in announcing the schedule has caused some unease among fans. However, the cricketing world is brimming with anticipation for this prestigious event, as teams prepare to battle it out for cricket's most coveted prize.

The ODI World Cup has always been a spectacle that transcends boundaries and unites fans worldwide in their love for the game. As the tournament draws nearer, cricket enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await the final schedule, hoping to witness a captivating display of skill, passion, and sportsmanship from the world's best cricketers.

  • India vs Australia, Oct 8, Chennai

  • India vs Afghanistan, Oct 11, Delhi

  • India vs Pakistan, Oct 15, Ahmedabad

  • India vs Bangladesh, Oct 19, Pune

  • India vs New Zealand, Oct 22, Dharamsala

  • India vs England, Oct 29, Lucknow

  • India vs Qualifier, Nov 2, Mumbai

  • India vs South Africa, Nov 5, Kolkata

  • India vs Qualifier, Nov 11, Bengaluru

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