Rohit can break Lara’s Record: Warner

Rohit can break Lara’s Record: Warner

Australianopener David Warner feels Rohit Sharma can surpass West Indies legend BrianLara's record 400 not out in a Test match.

"Yeah,look, I think it's about the person himself. We've got long boundaries; it isquite difficult at times. When fatigue sets in, it's very hard to try hard andthrow your hands at it," Warner told.

"At the end, I tried to run twos to lift the ante because I couldn't actually think like I could clear the ropes. I think, one day, if I've to name a player, I reckon it could be Rohit Sharma. Definitely," he added.

Warner had scored 154 in the first Test and record-breaking 335 not out in the second. His score is the second-highest by any Australian in a Test inning.

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