Facebook: Not moderating content based on ‘inaccurate’ information

Facebook: Not moderating content based on ‘inaccurate’ information

Facebook has dismissed media reports claiming that thousands of its content moderators rely on inaccurate and disorganised information to determine what content to allow or remove from its platform.

The documents that are used to guide Facebook's moderators span more than 1,400 pages which often contain inaccuracies and outdated information, said The New York Times report on Thursday.

Reacting to the report in The New York Times that accused Facebook of being 'ad hoc', 'disorganised', 'secretive', and doing things 'on the cheap', the social media network on Saturday said the debate on content moderation should be based on facts not mischaracterizations.

"The The New York Times is right that we regularly update our policies to account for ever-changing cultural and linguistic norms around the world. But the process is far from 'ad hoc'," said Facebook in a response.

Facebook also said it did not give large tech companies access to people's data without their permission as its integration partners "had to get authorisation from people".

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