How to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game - Online and Offline mode

How to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game - Online and Offline mode

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers around the world. Years ago, Google bundled a simple game into its Chrome browser that could be played offline. If you tried to access a website while experiencing connectivity issues, you would see a message reading "No internet" or "Unable to connect to the Internet" alongside a small, pixelated dinosaur. To begin the game, you just have to press the Spacebar on your keyboard.

Chrome UX team members Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung developed the game in 2014. Gabriel designed the player character, named the "Lonely T-Rex." Its original intent was to keep users occupied in the event of a temporary loss of network connection. The thing about this game is that if you manage to score a perfect 99,999, the game will simply start over with a new high score. You can't change direction, and you have no control over your speed.

Normally, the game involves jumping over cacti, but during the Olympics, the game also got added elements including gymnastics, surfing, track and field, swimming, and equestrian. The dinosaur even wore special outfits for each event and can win medals as well.

In this post, you will learn how to play the chrome dinosaur game in both online and offline mode.

How to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur game - Online and Offline mode
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If you want to play the game with an active internet connection, you can follow the steps below.

  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer.

  • Secondly, click the address bar.

  • Enter the address chrome://dino.

  • You'll be able to see the game, where a pixelated dinosaur is waiting. Press the Spacebar to begin the game. It will start running forward.

  • You can press the space bar or the upward-pointing shift arrow to jump. 

  • To save yourself from flying obstacles, press the downward-pointing shift arrow.

Here’s how to play the Dino game offline on Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop or smartphone. Go to chrome://dino or set your device to airplane mode to disconnect from the internet.

  • If you're on a desktop, press the space bar to make the dinosaur jump. To do the same on a mobile device such as an Android or iOS device, tap on the dinosaur.

  • A few cacti must first be jumped over, and then the game will continue until you hit one of the obstacles. 

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