Google Maps: Steps to track live train running status

Here is a quick tutorial to assist you if you want to track the location of your train using Google Maps. This is a free service that provides you with real-time information.
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Railways are the most commonly used means of transport in India for long-distance travel. They are cheap and convenient. It can, however, be unpredictable at times. Everybody who travels by train has gone through instances when they needed quick access to a train’s live running status. And using the phone is the simplest way to accomplish that. People would need to physically visit the station if there was no phone. That occasionally poses a major inconvenience. Particularly if you want constant updates.   

There are many apps that can tell you whether or not a train is running, such as ixigo, RailYatri, and Where is my train. However, almost three years ago, Google updated its Google Map app to make it the quickest way to check the status of any train. Both iOS and Android have access to this function. You just have to update your Google Map on your phone, and follow the steps given below:

How to check the live train running status

  • Start by opening the Google Maps app on your mobile device.

  • Secondly, type the name of the station you wish to visit into the search bar.

  • Third, click the train icon.

  • Fourth, select the train icon representing the route.

  • Tap the train's name to view its current status in real time.

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