Ramdev fails to launch WhatsApp’s rival app ‘Kimbho’ on time

Ramdev fails to launch WhatsApp’s  rival app ‘Kimbho’ on time

Baba ramdev promoted Patanjali's  much awaited WhatsApp rival Kimbho app fails to get launched on time. The App was scheduled to be launched on August 27 after resolving security concerns that were raised earlier.

Acharya Balkrishna, MD of Patanjali tweeted earlier today,"…we inform you that trials, review and upgradation is in process to to make Kimbho most safe, convenient and secure…We will announce new date of official launch asap."

Kimbho was first launched on May 30 and was taken down within 24 hours as cybersecurity experts called the app security disaster.

Interestingly, when Kimbho was launched in May for a day, people with basic programming knowledge took to Twitter to highlight that the app was a mere copy of the Bolo app that was launched years back.

(Featured image:Business Insider India)

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