Assam Tender: Sd/- Divisional Forest Officer Genetic Cell Division, Assam Basistha, Guwahati-29

Assam Tender: Restoration of the electrical wiring damaged by short circuit of the W.A.G. Range, Rani
Assam Tender Pratidin Time
Assam Tender Pratidin TimeAssam Tender Pratidin Time


Sealed tender affixing court fee stamps worth Rs.8.25 (Rupees eight and twenty five paisa) only for the following works under APFBC Scheme during 2022-23 of Genetic Cell Division, Assam, Guwahati-29 is hereby invited from the intending Govt. registered contractors/Firms on the basis of terms & conditions laid down in tender document. The tender paper will be issued and received with effect from 21-07-2022 up to 3.00 PM of 12- 08-2022 during all office working days by the office of the undersigned and it will be open at 3.30 PM of the same day, i.e. on 12-08-2022 by the Tender Evaluation Committee. If the office happens to be to be closed by the date of receipt of tender as specified the same will be received in the next working day up to the same time

Assam Tender

Assam Tender
Assam TenderAssam Tender

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