A Day After Admitting, Pakistan Denies Sheltering Dawood

A Day After Admitting, Pakistan Denies Sheltering Dawood

A day after admitting that fugitive and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was living in Karachi, Pakistan reportedly issued a statement on Sunday brushing aside media reports that claimed that the country has admitted to the presence of the criminal in its territory.

In a statement issued by Pakistan Foreign Ministry on Sunday, it said, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued two consolidated SROs on 18 August, 2020, reflecting the current status of the UN Taliban and ISIL (Da'esh) and AQ Sanctions list."

"These lists contain names of individuals and entities designated under the two sanction regimes established pursuant to the UN Security Council resolutions. The consolidated SROs are issued periodically as a routine matter. Similar SROs have been issued, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the past, as per statutory requirements to meet our international obligations. Last such SROs were issued in 2019," it added.

It further read, "The SROs issued reflect information contained in the list entry of UN designated individuals/entities. The reports in certain sections of the media about Pakistan imposing new sanctions measures, through these SROs, are not factual. Similarly, the assertions made by some sections of the Indian media, as to Pakistan admitting to the presence of certain listed individuals on its territory, based on the information contained in the SRO, are baseless and misleading."

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