“Trump is Putin’s Puppy” – Joe Biden

“Trump is Putin’s Puppy” – Joe Biden

Democratic Party's Presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday said that POTUS failed to confront Russia, and also called him Putin's "puppy".

The remark was made as the two engaged in the first of the series of debates ahead of the US Presidential elections.

AFP quoted Biden as saying, "I've gone head to head with Putin, and made it clear to him — we're not going to take any of this stuff. He's Putin's puppy."

Earlier in the debate, Donald Trump also yelled a lot Biden accusing him of many things. He also resorted to person attack, accusing Biden's son of corruption and saying that the Democrats were not smart.

Trump seems to have got a taste of his medicine when Biden launched into a long diatribe calling the former "Liar", "racist", and "clown".   

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