1,200 Prisoners Escape Post Indonesia Tsunami

1,200 Prisoners Escape Post Indonesia Tsunami

A powerful, 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit off Sulawesi in Indonesia, wreaking havoc and triggering a tsunami shortly afterward, scaring a lot of local residents and even provoking a major prison break in the country.

Three different detention facilities have reported about 1,200 prisoners that are now on the run after escaping through walls that collapsed during the earthquake.

Almost 900 convicts have escaped from two prisons in the city of Palu that were severely damaged by the quake. Some walls have collapsed and the prisoners got out past guards, while others broke down the main doors.

The Donggala jail was set on fire with all 343 inmates now on the run – Ministry of Justice official said.

According to the Ministry of Justice official, the detainees were demanding to see their families after the quake and got angry after their request was turned down.

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