Another blow to Pak, US cuts $440 million aid

Another blow to Pak, US cuts $440 million aid

Adding to the woes of Pakistan, the United States has cut aid to the nation by nearly $440 million and now leaving its commitment to just $ 4.1 billion.

As per a newspaper based in Pakistan, Express Tribune, the aid was paid out under the Pakistan Enhanced Partnership Agreement (PEPA) 2010.

According to reports, US had informed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan about its decision to cut aid three weeks before his planned visit to Washington.

It may be noted that the PEPA was signed in September 2010 to make the Kerry Lugar Berman (KLB) Act operational, which was passed by the US Congress in October 2009 to pay $7.5 billion to Pakistan over a period of 5 years.

Earlier the aid under the KLB stood at nearly $4.5 billion and after the cut, the aid has come down to $4.1 billion.

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