Chinese nationals being evacuated from India

Chinese nationals being evacuated from India

Chinese nationals living in India are being evacuated from India due to the escalating figures of Coronavirus across the country.

On Monday, a flight from Mumbai left for China and four more flights will be leaving in the coming days from Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata as well.

According to a report, a Chinese officialwith the surname Hu has stated, "Around 3000 Chinese nationals live in India.They are either working or studying and more than half of them have returned toChina before the lockdown in March."

The Chinese Embassy in New Delhi announced on May 25 that five flights run by the China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Air China will bring back students, tourists, and businesspersons.

The Chinese nationals will have to pay for their own tickets and will have to undergo the required tests and follow the quarantine process once they reach their respective cities.

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