Hong Kong: Air India cancels Flights

Hong Kong: Air India cancels Flights

Due to the Anti- government protests in Hong Kong, thegovernment forced the airport authority to suspend flights for the second day.

As per reports, the Air India flights also canceled to andfrom Hong Kong and the authority has been offering the full refund to thepassengers.

Sharat Dhall, the COO of Yatra.com said "Air India cancelledflights and was giving a full refund. For Cathay Pacific, you can switch overto other partner carriers, which is much more traveler-friendly. We are waivingoff the cancellation charges on Hong Kong flights for the next few days. Wehope the situation returns to normal."

Indiver Rastogi, president, global business travel, Thomas Cooksaid his company is in constant touch with its customers and has kept themupdated on the developments.

Daniel D'souza, country head, leisure, SOTC Travel, said,"With the current situation in Hong Kong, customers are advised to postpone allnon-essential travel until normalcy ensues. We are in constant touch with ourcustomers and have made avenues for assistance at every point. We aresuggesting alternative routes to avoid any inconvenience."

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