Massive quake shakes Venezuela

Massive quake shakes Venezuela

A powerful 7.1 earthquake rocked Venezuela on  Tuesday  near its northeastern coast. The epicenter of the quake was  near the town of Carupano but felt as far as neighbouring Colombia and nearby island nations like Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia.

There has been no reports of casualities or damages  so far. Edwin Rojas, the governor of the nearest state to the earthquake, told government television "the situation is calm," adding that "it's been many years since we've felt a quake of this level."

Venezuela who is undergoing a severe economic  crisis , had deployed 20,000 emergency workers .

There has been a rumoured tsunami threat since the quake hit but the but the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said,  "There is no tsunami threat from this earthquake,"

Venezuela interior minister Nester Reverol said  prolonged quake "was felt in several states" but that "for now, there are no reports of victims." He added that further potential  damage was being asserted.

(Fetaured star : Daily star)

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