Pact on Amazon Region To Be Signed

Pact on Amazon Region To Be Signed

The Amazoniancountries will sign a pact for the conservation of the Amazon region at thepresidential summit to be held next Friday in the Colombian city of Leticia.

Officials saidthat a declaration will be issued from this presidential summit containing theLeticia Pact for the Amazon.

ColombianForeign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, while quoted by Efe news said that thedeclaration will contain concrete actions to preserve the Amazon and willinclude an itinerary of activities in which not only the Amazonian countriesbut other nations of the region and the international community willparticipate.

He furthersaid that the reason for this call is related to the importance of the Amazon,not only for the Amazon countries and for the region but for the entire world.

Trujillo alsostated that the summit's aim is to advance the coordination of actions for theconservation and preservation of the Amazon in which vast fires have beenraging for weeks.

The meetingin Leticia will be attended by Presidents Lenin Moreno of Ecuador, MartinVizcarra of Peru and the host, Ivan Duque, said the foreign minister.

The ForeignMinister also added that the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will not attendthe meeting as he has to undergo a surgery on Sunday but he will participatevia video conferencing and send a delegation headed by Foreign Minister ErnestoAraujo.

Moreover,Columbian Environment Minister Ricardo Lozano said that conservation andprotection of natural resources is a priority of their government.

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