Several dead in Japan animation studio

Several dead in Japan animation studio

A suspected arson attack on ananimation studio in Japan on Thursday killed at least 12 people and dozeninjured, the emergency services said.

There were more than 70 people inside the office of the Kyoto Animation when the blaze took place at 10:30 am. About 30 fire engines and ambulances attended the scene after the explosion at the three-storey building, victims have been taken to the Kyoto hospital.

The blaze in the city of Kyotoappeared to have been started deliberately, police said, but there was noimmediate information on a possible motive. The police arrested a 41 years oldman who was suspected to have set fire after spreading a liquid.

According to the news report, the man was under treatment at a hospital. No motive for the arson attack has been reported, but the Japan broadcaster said he had shouted 'drop dead' as he set the fire.

Kyoto Animation is best known forproducing shows including 'Full Mental Panic' 'K-ON' and 'Clannad' among otherworks.

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