SHOCKING | Billionaires bombed Colombo

SHOCKING | Billionaires bombed Colombo

One more bomb went off in Sri Lanka today with no casualties but world shocked to find out two billionaire brother involved in spice trade were actually the suicide bombers that left nearly 400 people dead.

According to police findings, one of the brother's wife also blew herself up with three sons and an unborn child when police reached out to the family, who are considered Colombo elite and close to the President and one of the brothers even contested election in a left leaning political party. Three police officials also lost their lives in the explosion.

Both the brothers, Ibrahim and Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim blew themselves up at the Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La hotels killing more than 359 people.

However, according to intelligence sources, Fatima was allegedly seen being present amid a veiled sucide bombers group who swore allegiance to the Islamic State in the images released by the organisation on Tuesday.

Investigators also believe that the factory named Colossus Copper, which was a  manufacturing facility in an industrial estate east of Colombo, owned by Inshaf Ibrahim was used to fabricate the suicide vests used in the attack, supplying bolts and screws that filled the devices.

(Featured Image: Amaq News Agency)

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