Assam: 5 Year Old From Bajali Places Her Name At India Book Of Records

A five-year-old girl child, Abdhija Baishya from Assam’s Bajali district has placed her name in the India Book of Records by reciting the National Anthems of various countries fluently.

As per reports, Abdhija is the daughter of Pori Kakali and Lohit Baishya of Pathsala town and is a student of UKG standard at the Assam Valley School in Sonitpur district.

Abdhija has recited the National Anthem of India, Nepal, Canada and Australia along with their dates of adoption and national symbols including 9 of India, 5 of Nepal, 7 of Canada and 8 of Australia at the age of 5 years.

The India Book of Record authority has placed the name of the little child appreciating her efforts.

The locals hace also applauded and appreciated the little one over her achievements.

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