India's Own ChatGPT 'Hanooman' Set To Debut In March

BharatGPT, a pioneering private-public partnership backed by Reliance Industries and Indian engineering institutions, is set to launch Hanooman, a ChatGPT-style AI language model, in March.
India's Own ChatGPT 'Hanooman' Set To Debut In March
India's Own ChatGPT 'Hanooman' Set To Debut In MarchRepresentative Image

A consortium supported by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd and India’s leading engineering institutions is gearing up to unveil its inaugural ChatGPT-style service next month, marking a significant stride in the country’s aspirations to establish a presence in the Artificial intelligence (AI) domain.

The prominent consortium, BharatGPT, and the coalition which includes a division of India’s most valuable company along with eight affiliated universities provided a preview of the extensive language model on Tuesday at a technology conference held in Mumbai.

During a presentation showcased to attendees, a motorcycle mechanic from Southern India queried an AI bot in Tamil, his native language, while a banker engaged with the tool in Hindi and a developer from Hyderabad utilized it to write computer code.

The model has been dubbed Hanooman and represents India's race to develop potentially transformative AI technology. BharatGPT envisions Hanooman operating across 11 local languages focusing on four key sectors: health care, governance, financial services, and education.

Hanooman will offer speech-to-text capabilities to the users. The goal is to make it more user-friendly and Reliance Jio will build customized models for specific uses as well. Reliance is already working on Jio Brain- a platform to use AI across a network of about 450 million subscribers.

India's Own ChatGPT 'Hanooman' Set To Debut In March
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