‘JioPhone Next’ Co-Developed By Google To Be Launched In September

‘JioPhone Next’ Co-Developed By Google To Be Launched In September

Reliance Industries founder Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of JioPhone Next at the Reliance Industries' 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday.

The phone will be launched on Ganesh Chaturthi on September 10. The price of the phone is yet to be announced.

A partnership between Reliance Jio and Google was announced last year and the phone is a result of it and was revealed by both Mukesh Ambani and Google head Sundar Pichai.

The phone offers an optimised Android experience on top of an entry-level hardware to attract the masses.

The phone is expected to be the most affordable smartphone globally.

Meanwhile, a Reliance Jio, together with partners, has tested its 5G solutions in India, successfully demonstrating speeds of over 1 GBPS, and its "Made in India" solution is "globally competitive", RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani said on Thursday.

Ambani also exuded confidence that the company will be the first to launch full-fledged 5G services in the country.

Jio is not just working to make India "2G-mukt" (free from 2G) but also "5G-yukt" (5G empowered), he added.

Jio's engineers have developed a 100 per cent home-grown and comprehensive 5G solution that is fully cloud-native, software-defined, and digitally managed.

Jio's "Made in India" solution is complete and globally competitive, Ambani said while speaking at Reliance Industries Ltd"s 44th AGM.

With its partners, the company has tested the Jio 5G solutions in India and successfully demonstrated speeds well in excess of 1 GBPS.

Once proven at India-scale, the company will keenly look at prospect of exporting Jio 5G solutions to other telecom operators globally.

The company recently received the necessary regulatory approvals as well as trial spectrum for initiating 5G field-trials.

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