IRCTC RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) meaning in Indian Railway.

Know everything that you need to know about the RAC status of tickets.
IRCTC RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) meaning in Indian Railway.

Are you familiar with the convenience of purchasing train tickets on the internet? If you have tried before, you may have come across many terms such as RLWL, RAC, GNWL, and so on. These are simply the statuses assigned to your ticket based on different circumstances. While some of the updates are displayed at the time of booking a train ticket, others are displayed later. Information about the status of a train ticket can be accessed at any time. What does the "RAC" designation on your train ticket mean? Please read on to discover all there is to know about the RAC on the Indian Railways.

What is meant by RAC status?

Indian Railway has a ticket status called Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). In simple words, if you have "RAC status," it means that you are on a waiting list for that specific seat. Purchasing a Reservation Against Cancellation ticket guarantees your seat on the appropriate coach. While this increases your chances of getting a seat, it does not guarantee you a specific seat or sleeping accommodations. 

If you have a valid RAC ticket, you can sit in that seat on the train. However, it may not guarantee you any privacy. It's not uncommon for Indian Railways to split a RAC seat in half. With two people sharing a RAC seat, it's possible that one of them won't have access to the bed at night.

Is a RAC ticket better than a waitlisted ticket?

In short, yes. A RAC ticket is much better than a waitlisted ticket. With a RAC ticket, you are guaranteed a seat, even if it's a shared one. But if your ticket is assigned GNWL or RLWL status, then it means that you are on the waiting list. 

A waitlisted ticket will only get you into the designated coach, but it won't guarantee you a seat. In other words,  you can board the vehicle, but you won't be guaranteed a seat. These do not offer any additional advantages over a Reservation Against Cancellation ticket. 

A passenger with RAC status will be given priority boarding in the event of a cancellation of a confirmed reservation. But, waitlisted tickets will only be considered once all RAC holders have been assigned a confirmed ticket. When traveling on Indian Railway, a RAC ticket is always preferable to a waitlisted one.

When does RAC get confirmed?

Your RAC can be upgraded to a confirmed reservation if someone else cancels their reservation. However, there are times when other passengers have canceled their tickets but your RAC has not been updated. Do not worry; after chart preparation on trains, the RAC status is updated. The schedule is made on the same day as the train leaves. The RAC status is sometimes updated after a train has already left. If this happens, you should contact your TT (Traveling Ticket Examiner) to find out where your Reservation Against Cancellation ticket stands. TT will lead the way if your RAC ticket has been confirmed. 

IRCTC RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) meaning in Indian Railway.
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