Jaipur: NEET Exam Paper Leaked, 8 Arrested Including Invigilator

Jaipur: NEET Exam Paper Leaked, 8 Arrested Including Invigilator
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The NEET question paper was leaked in Jaipur after the invigilator took a picture of the question paper by his phone and sent it to two of his friends.

Eight people have been arrested including a girl from the examination centre – Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology. 

The arrestees are 18-year-old female candidate Dineshwari Kumari, in-charge of exam centre's administration unit, Ram Singh; Dineshwari's uncle, Mukesh, and four others.

As per reports, after the exam started, accused Ram Singh and Mukesh sent the photos of the exam paper to two men sitting in an apartment in Jaipur's Chitrakoot area through WhatsApp who then forwarded it to some other people in Sikar.

The men in Sikar then forwarded the answer key to the two men in Chitrakoot, who then forwarded it to Mukesh. Mukesh then forwarded it to Singh at the exam hall, who helped Dineshwari to solve the paper with the help of the answer key.

Meanwhile, Dineshwari's uncle was waiting outside the exam centre with Rs 10 lakh cash which was supposed to be given to the accused who were helping the candidate.

However, the deal was reportedly set at Rs 35 lakh.

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