Most Educated States In India By Literacy Rate in 2023

Most Educated States In India By Literacy Rate in 2023

Education is the cornerstone of a country's progress and prosperity. An informed and literate populace is a key component of any successful society. These two factors are essential to the progress of humanity and affect the economic and social growth of our society as a whole. The improvement of a country's development is greatly aided by a higher literacy rate among individuals, which in turn contributes to the advancement of society and culture.

And providing all of the citizens of a country with access to quality education is one of the most fundamental ways to foster that country's economic and social development. Every citizen, young and old alike, wants to further their education so that they can aid in the progress and prosperity of their country. See which Indian states have the highest literacy in 2023

Education and Literacy Rate of India

The Indian government invests heavily in its citizens' education. An additional Rs 11,054 crore was allocated to education in 2022, bringing the total budget to Rs 1,04,278 crore. The Union Budget has been lauded for its efforts to digitize educational resources in order to make them accessible to all. The "one class, one TV channel" initiative included in the PM e-Vidya scheme to improve education and the workforce received high marks from education leaders.

India has an overall literacy rate of 77%, with literacy rates of 84.40% for men and 71.50% for women based on the most recent census data. The ability to read and write is the cornerstone of literacy, while the acquisition of skills, knowledge, values, and so on is the essence of education. However, the literacy rate of Indian states varies greatly from one another. While Kerala had consistently topped this list, Bihar has plummeted to the bottom of the list. It has a literacy rate of only 61.80%. 

Most Educated States In India By Literacy Rate in 2023
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