Bollywood Box Office Collection Reports & Verdict India 2023-2022

Box-office collection of Hindi movies
Bollywood Box Office Collection Reports & Verdict India 2023-2022

An overview of 2022 movies and box-office collection

2022 was the year when South Indian movies completely outshined many Bollywood releases. Although Bollywood dominated for all these years, this time, it was different. A lot of these can be credited to the rise in choices provided by OTT platforms, a trend that started during the pandemic. South Indian content and the industry's reigning stars have become familiar to households on a pan-India level due to the increased use of smartphones and the enthusiasm to explore a variety of genres.

In 2019-20, cinemas across the nation had to suspend operations due to the lockdowns and restrictions brought on by the pandemic. This directly contributed to a rise in the number of people using over-the-top (OTT) platforms to get their fix of escape. As opposed to the more conventional method of watching films in theaters, this allowed viewers access to a wider variety of content, especially from regions to which they had little or no prior exposure; the use of subtitles to overcome the language barrier also contributed to the industry's phenomenal growth in the years following. 

Bollywood Box Office Collection Reports & Verdict India 2023-2022
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Full-list of famous movies and box-office collection of Hindi movies. 

South Indian films accounted for 62% of all box office receipts in 2021, according to the Confederation of Indian Industry. The Hindi-dubbed version of KGF: Chapter 2 brought in a total of Rs 435 crore at the box office. And that is not the only instance of a south Indian film succeeding at the box office across all of India. Here is the full-list of famous movies and box-office collections of Hindi movies. 

In terms of collections, RRR and Pushpa: The Rise Part-1 joined the Rs 100-crore club. While RRR earned Rs 265 crore, Pushpa: The Rise Part-1 made close to Rs 106 crore.

As per an EY-FICCI report, back in 2019, the domestic box office revenues of South Indian cinema stood at Rs 4,000 crore, while those of Hindi films stood at Rs 5,200 crore. Cut to 2021, and the tables have turned. South Indian movies clocked in at Rs 2,400 crore last year, while Hindi films generated a revenue of Rs 800 crore.

Bollywood Box Office Collection Reports & Verdict India 2023-2022
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