Bollywood Hits Of Zubeen Garg That You Must Listen At Least Once

Bollywood Hits Of Zubeen Garg
Bollywood Hits Of Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg, the heartthrob of Assam, has sung in several Indian languages apart from Assamese. Although the majority of his works are in Bengali and Assamese, he has lent his voice to many wonderful Bollywood songs as well.

After releasing hit after hit, he relocated to Mumbai in 1995 for the first time, to pursue a career in Bollywood. Over the years, he has worked on and off in Bollywood and contributed to several albums of Hindi music, including Chandni Raat, Yuhi Kabhi, Dil Se, Sparsh, Mere Liye, Kaante, Nupur, and Fiza

Here are some of the best Bollywood Hits by Zubeen Garg -

  1. Ya Ali

Ya Ali is undoubtedly the top Bollywood song of Zubeen Garg, from the Gangster movie. This song comes during a very serious scene in the movie, and it just adds more drama to the whole story. This song also gave birth to a pan-India fanbase for the singer. 

  1. Subah Subah

Subah Subah is a happy song from the Bollywood movie "I See You", where you see actor Arjun Rampal getting ready and going somewhere, vibing to this song in his way. 

  1. Dilruba

Dilruba is a song from the Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif starrer Bollywood movie called "Namastey London". It is a club song where you see Katrina Kaif and her friends dancing to this catchy song. 

  1. Jag Lal Lal Lal Lal

Jag Lal Lal Lal Lal has a fanbase of its own. This is from the movie "Big Brother", and the song was a huge hit at the time of its release. 

  1. Dil Tu hi bataa

Zubeen Garg sang "Dil Tu Hi Bata" with Alisha Chenoy, and this was a highlight of the movie. The semi-human character played by Kangana Ranaut fell for Krish, and this song was representative of her infatuation. 

  1. Woh Bheege Pal

Zubeen Garg's song "Woh Bheege Pal" is from an Abhay Deol movie called "Manorama Six Feet Under'' released in 2007. This soulful song is a hidden gem, which many people may or may not know. 

  1. Hum Kisi ki Chah Me

Hum Kisi ki Chah Me is a sad song from the movie "Kabhi Kabhi Life Mein". It is quite meaningful, and you must hear it for once. 

  1. Ab Mujhko Jeena

Ab Mujhko Jeena is a song about having hope amidst all kinds of situations. It is from the John Abraham starrer movie called "Aashayein".

  1. Dheere Dheere Chal

There was a Shreyas Talpade movie called "Bombay to Bangkok", which was released in 2008. This is a sweet song about life and how slowing down to enjoy the moment makes things more beautiful. 

  1. Om

If you want to listen to a unique and unexpected song, you should definitely check out Zubeen Garg's song called "Om '' from the movie "Strings". He himself appears in the music video for this song. It was also a big hit. 

  1. Jaane Kya

We would like to end this list today with this Zubeen Garg song from the Bollywood movie called "Pyaar Ke Side Effects". This is a mellow and soulful ballad, and you will get to hear his signature style of singing in this song. He's totally in his element and people have admired this song a lot.

Bollywood Hits Of Zubeen Garg
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