Zubeen Garg Birthday: 15 Evergreen Songs You Must Listen To On His Birthday

top 15 zubeen Garg Evergreen song
top 15 zubeen Garg Evergreen song

Zubeen Garg has turned 50 today. He was born on 18th November 1972 in Tura. Right from midnight, social media is flooded with people wishing him good health and success. He is truly an icon of India. In addition to being a talented playback singer, Zubeen Garg is also a music director, lyricist, composer, music producer, playwright, philanthropist, film director, producer, and actor in India. 

The majority of his works are in Assamese and Bengali.  His ability to play 12 different instruments flawlessly gives him an immense edge over others, making him an irreplaceable artist of the region. 

We wish Zubeen Garg a very happy birthday, and pray for his health and well-being. Let us now look at some of the most popular songs and albums of Zubeen Garg.

Check out the list of top 15 Zubeen Garg evergreen songs-

  1. Mayabini

Mayabini is a song from his 2001 album named "Daag", and to this day, people love this sweet and melodic song. 

  1. Amanikha

Amanikha is an iconic Zubeen Garg song, and he truly showed his love for blues and rock with this awesome Assamese song. The heart-wrenching lyrics go extremely well with the guitar solos and it is one of the best songs from his album "Rumal".

  1. Rumaal 

Rumaal is the title song of the album called Rumaal and he truly out his heart out in this song. The lyrics talk about reminiscing the innocent and beautiful moments spent with a sweetheart from childhood. 

  1. Paam ne moi Ghuraai

Paam ne moi Ghurai is another epic song by Zubeen Garg and he effortlessly belts out his emotions through his heavenly voice, emotional, melodic, and powerful at the same time. 

  1. Kun Tumi

Kun tumi is a love song by Zubeen Garg with an equally nice video starring Aimee Baruah. It counts among his recent works, and he truly gave us another masterpiece 

  1. Maaya

Maaya is the perfect example of an Assamese modern song. It is one of the fan favorites of all times and everyone loves to jam this song. 

  1. Pakhi pakhi Aei mon

Pakhi Pakhi Aei Mon reminds us of that time when Zubern Garg had his signature long-haired style on. It is truly and evergreen Zubern Garg song, which we never get tired listening to

  1. Popiya Tora

Popiya Tora by Zubeen Garg came out in 2019 and is one of the most beautiful songs that has come out in recent years. Many people have it as their caller tune. 

  1. Ulomi Ulomi thake

Who can forget this song? This is one of those songs that every Assamese boy would love to sing to their beloved. The equally apt video took everyone by storm at the time of it's release. To this day, it is one of the best works of Zubeen Garg and the actors who were casted in the video. 

  1. Ya Ali

This song takes us straight to 2006 when we all were so proud to see our Zubeen da rocking in Bollywood. Zubeen da sang it in his own style, and we can truly hear it. 

  1. Jaanmoni (2004)

Jaanmoni (2004) is one of the best Bihu albums of all time. The moment we say the album's name, we all instinctively recall the songs in our head. And it's so amazing that despite many albums with the same name came later, we all still go back to the songs from the 2004 bihu album. 

  1. Mitha Mitha Kotha Re

Mitha Mitha Kotha Re is a song from the video album called "Uroniya Mon", starring Rimpi Das and Utpol Das in leading roles. And this song is one of the best examples of an Assamese modern song. The whole album was a massive hit in 2007.

  1. Bhobai Nasilu

Zubern Garg has also sung many duets in his career, and Bhobai Nasilu is one of the biggest hits. He sang with Deeplina Deka, who is another favorite artist of Assam. 

  1. Silaa

Silaa was released in 2020, and this is also very much loved by the fans. 

  1. Dusokure Nilaa Re

Dusokure Nilaa Re is a duet song sung by Zubeen Garg and Arunima Bhattacharya,  and it is one of a kind. The opening chords on the keyboard instantly transports you to another world, making this one of the most addictive Zubeen Garg songs of all times

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