Highly Anticipated Assamese Film 'Sundarpur Chaos' Unveils Captivating Posters

Written and directed by Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, 'Sundarpur Chaos' promises to be a quality cinematic work.
Highly Anticipated Assamese Film 'Sundarpur Chaos' Unveils Captivating Posters
Highly Anticipated Assamese Film 'Sundarpur Chaos' Unveils Captivating Posters

Today marked a significant milestone with the official unveiling of two captivating posters for the highly anticipated Assamese film 'Sundarpur Chaos,' directed by the acclaimed filmmaker, Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, and produced by RC Production.

The motion poster of the film was launched at a ceremony held at the Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation's Aideo Cinema Hall in the city, graced by the esteemed presence of prominent filmmaker, critic, and photographer, Utpal Dutta, who officiated the launch. The event was also honored by the Chairman of the Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation, Seemanta Shekhar, who released the static poster of the film.

Designed by Deepjyoti Handique and photographed by Himangshu Sharma, both posters are poised to captivate audiences across diverse segments, heightening the excitement and anticipation surrounding 'Sundarpur Chaos.' The rich tradition of Assamese cinema in both local theaters and prestigious film festivals worldwide has paved the way for these posters to contribute to the film's success.

Renowned writer and poet, Manjula Hazarika, alongside prominent artist, Manisha Hazarika, joined in the unveiling of the posters, emphasizing the collaborative effort behind the project. Manjula Hazarika remarked on the intriguing narrative of the film, which promises to showcase real stories from the land, while Manisha Hazarika blessed the team with her encouraging words and expressed admiration for Jhulan’s previous work.

Director Jhulan Krishna Mahanta highlighted how fictional narratives often reflect the joys and sorrows of real life, with 'Sundarpur Chaos' delving into poignant themes of happiness and sorrow. The film's storyline addresses the pressing issue of encroachment on Satra land in Assam. He expressed confidence in the talent of Pratha Pratim Hazarika, a Delhi National School of Drama Graduate, who brings depth to the lead role, alongside a standout performance by Shilpi Dutta, another Assamese NSDian.

The narrative of 'Sundarpur Chaos' promises to resonate with audiences across various demographics, touching upon themes ranging from the education system and martial arts to the rich traditions of the Satra lands, now inhabited by foreigners. Prominent writer-critic, Utpal Dutta, commended the film's thematic depth and artistic presentation, praising the distinct beauty of both posters.

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Parth Pratim Hazarika, Rajeev Goswami, Jolly Laskar, Bonney Deuri, Debajit Deka, and Dhiraj Kumar, supported by Associate Director and actress Gargee Dutta, National Award-winning sound designer Debajit Gayan, music director Sourav Mohanta, and other skilled crew members. The production was attended by three RC Productions producers, R Chamua, Diganta Thakurya, and the renowned singer, Gayatri Hazarika.

In addition to industry professionals, the event was graced by esteemed personalities such as eminent Journalist Biswajit Das, Gautam Sharma, veteran film producer Gopal Jalan, National Film Award-winning director Hemanta Kumar Das, Senior journalist Snigdhashikha Bora, Manjit Rajknowar , writer Namrata Dutta and several other dignitaries, underscoring the significance of 'Sundarpur Chaos' in the Assamese film landscape.

Written and directed by Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, 'Sundarpur Chaos' promises to be a quality cinematic work, with music directed by Sourav Mahanta, DI supervised by Dhanjit Das, and sound mixed by the National Award-winning engineer, Debajit Gayan. Chandra Kumar Das, an award-winning Cinematographer, has taken charge of the Director of Photography department for the upcoming film.

Highly Anticipated Assamese Film 'Sundarpur Chaos' Unveils Captivating Posters
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