Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week: Movies and Series to Watch

Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week
Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week

Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week: This week promises a delightful array of entertainment for Malayalam cinema enthusiasts, both in theatres and on OTT platforms. Whether in theatres or on digital platforms, these releases promise an immersive experience for viewers seeking quality content. Here's a rundown of the much-anticipated releases:

Manjummel Boys (Theatrical Release)

"Manjummel Boys" follows the journey of eleven close-knit friends from Manjummel, Ernakulum, embarking on an adventure to Kodaikanal. The film delves into the dynamics of their friendship and how a life-altering incident during their trip reshapes their bonds. Inspired by a true story of a youth's encounter with the infamous Guna Caves, also known as Devil's Kitchen, in Kodaikanal, this movie promises an engaging narrative.

Family (Theatrical Release)

Centered around a young man named Sony, "Family" explores the complexities of familial ties amidst societal norms. Sony, portrayed as intelligent yet misunderstood, navigates through life's challenges after dropping out of college. The film sheds light on the silence maintained by families in the face of internal conflicts, aiming to unravel the intricacies of the family system in such circumstances.

Malaikottai Vaaliban (Disney+ Hotstar)

"Malaikottai Vaaliban" on Disney+ Hotstar unveils the adventures of Vaaliban, a wandering warrior, and his journey to establish supremacy in various lands through duels. However, his quest takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Chamathakan, a formidable opponent challenging his beliefs and principles. As Vaaliban confronts both external threats and internal conflicts, the series promises action-packed drama and intense character dynamics.

Poacher (Amazon Prime)

"Poacher" on Amazon Prime presents a gripping narrative inspired by real events, revolving around the illicit ivory poaching network in Kerala and Delhi's dense forests. Through fictional dramatization based on witness accounts and court transcripts, the series honors the courageous efforts of individuals, including forest service employees, NGO workers, and police constables, in combating wildlife crimes. Available in Malayalam, Hindi, and English, "Poacher" offers a thrilling insight into the challenges faced by those dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week
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Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week
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Exciting Malayalam Releases This Week
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