Jatin Bora Confident Of People's Love, Says Only They Can Destroy Him

The Raghav actor also called for the people to set aside their complaints against him and give his latest release a watch at the theatres.
Jatin Bora has spoken up following Raghav's release
Jatin Bora has spoken up following Raghav's release

Exuding confidence of the people's adulation towards him, popular Assamese actor Jatin Bora on Thursday said that the people have made him what he is today and that only they can destroy him if they wish. He also said that he will continue to act as he does not know any other trade.

Speaking from Pathsala's Sharma Talkies where Jatin Bora's fans celebrated the birthday of his wife Navanita Sarma, he urged fans to come and watch his latest release 'Raghav' and give their love to it.

In a heartfelt call to his fans and the people of the state, Jatin Bora said, "It has taken me four years since Ratnakar to bring this film to you. It feels good when people call up and tell me that they liked the film. Getting the love and support of the people is everything to me."

"I thank everyone for coming today. Those who have watched Raghav and shown their love to it, I am only grateful. To those, who are yet to watch it, I urge you to head to cinemas and give it a viewing. We have tried to bring something new to Assamese cinema and my hope is that people will like it," he added.

Asked about the backlash he has had to face, Jatin Bora said, "It has been 32 years in the industry with their love and if they support me further, I will keep on acting. I won't speak on the controversies. The people have given birth to Jatin Bora, they have made me. So if they wish for it, then they can destroy."

"However, on behalf of JB Productions, I would like to say that I will keep entertaining you, keep giving you more films, but it would only be possible with your love and support," he told his fans and the people of the state.

Jatin Bora further continued saying, "I have known only one thing and that is acting. So I will continue to do that. When I die and people write about it, I hope that they mention 'Actor' before my name."

In response to queries on recent comments made by political leaders in Assam following Raghav's release, Jatin Bora said, "Politics is in its place and acting is in its. Both are separate things and I don't want any kind of politics around my film."

"One thing that I am certain of is that there is still love for me in their hearts. I want to tell the people that I am your own. It is you who have made me and you may have complaints against me. However, I want you to keep all of that aside and come and shower your love and blessings on Raghav. Please come and watch it in the theatres," Jatin Bora said.

Meanwhile, Navanita Sarma, the wife of Jatin Bora spoke on the occasion saying , "I have really felt the love people have for us today. I have cut many cakes in my life, but never like this among fans with Raghav playing on the screen. It was a surreal experience. Today's marks the end of first week of Raghav. I hope the people will come and see it and shower their love on us and on the film."

Jatin Bora has spoken up following Raghav's release
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