July OTT Releases: List of Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July 2023 on OTT Platforms

List of Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July 2023 on OTT Platforms
List of Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July 2023 on OTT Platforms

July OTT Releases: Get ready for an exciting lineup of entertainment this monsoon! As we approach July, renowned OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, and more are gearing up to keep us engaged with an array of movies and shows. Whether you're into horror, romance, comedy, drama, or any other genre, there's something in store for everyone throughout July 2023. Here’s the list of movies and TV shows to stream in July 2023 on OTT platforms. 

Boss Baby 2

In Boss Baby 2 Tim fully embraced his exceptional qualities as a father once he reached adulthood and committed himself to being a full-time dad. Meanwhile, his brother Ted had achieved success as a CEO. As fate would have it, the two of them unexpectedly encounter each other again when they drink a mysterious potion that turns them into babies for 48 hours. Joining forces with Tim's daughter, who is a secret agent, the trio embarks on a mission to safeguard other toddlers from being transformed into monsters by a wicked mastermind.

Maya Bazaar for Sale

ZEE5 is set to release the Telugu film "Maya Bazaar for Sale" in July 2023. The movie revolves around a group of individuals who stumble upon an ancient artifact that possesses magical powers. As they embark on a quest to sell the artifact and secure their financial future, they encounter unexpected twists and turns, leading to a thrilling and adventurous ride. With its intriguing storyline and a blend of comedy and fantasy elements, "Maya Bazaar for Sale" aims to captivate the audience and provide an entertaining cinematic experience.

The Trial: Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha

"Disney+ Hotstar" brings forth the legal drama series "The Trial: Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha" in July 2023. The show follows the lives of three lawyers who become entangled in a high-profile murder case that challenges their personal and professional ethics. As they navigate through the complexities of the legal system, their relationships, and their own moral dilemmas, the series delves into themes of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice. With a talented ensemble cast and a gripping narrative, "The Trial: Pyaar, Kaanoon, Dhokha" promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Netflix presents "Kohrra," a Hindi supernatural horror film released in July 2023. The movie revolves around a group of friends who embark on a road trip to an isolated haunted house. As they explore the dark secrets of the house, they encounter paranormal activities and are forced to confront their deepest fears. With its spine-chilling atmosphere, jump scares, and gripping storyline, "Kohrra" aims to deliver a thrilling and terrifying cinematic experience for horror enthusiasts.

Summer I Turned Pretty, Season 2

The highly anticipated second season of "Summer I Turned Pretty" is set to release on Amazon Prime Video in July 2023. Based on the popular young adult novel series by Jenny Han, the show continues to explore the lives and relationships of the Fisher family during their summer vacations at a beach house. With its relatable coming-of-age themes, heartfelt moments, and love triangle dynamics, the series resonates with audiences seeking a blend of romance, drama, and nostalgia. Fans of the book series and newcomers alike can look forward to diving back into the captivating world of "Summer I Turned Pretty."

Marry Me 

In the romantic comedy-drama film Marry Me, directed by Kat Coiro and released in 2022, Jennifer Lopez takes on the role of Kat Valdez, a renowned superstar. The story revolves around Kat's unexpected decision to marry Charlie Gilbert, portrayed by Owen Wilson. The pivotal moment occurs when Kat discovers her on-stage groom, Bastian, played by Maluma, has been involved in an affair. Struck by this betrayal, Kat spots Charlie in the crowd, holding a "Marry Me" sign, and impulsively chooses him as her new groom. This sets the stage for a series of comedic and dramatic events as Kat and Charlie navigate their new relationship amid the glitz and glamour of their celebrity lives. Marry Me explores themes of love, forgiveness, and the unpredictable nature of relationships.

Good Night

Good Night is a Tamil language romantic comedy that delves into the life of a young IT professional facing an unusual challenge. The protagonist, played by an actor yet to be named, suffers from a chronic snoring problem. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the girl of his dreams, played by another actress to be announced. As their relationship develops, the snoring issue becomes a significant hurdle, affecting not only the protagonist's partner's health but also his own quality of life. Good Night explores the comedic and emotional aspects of this unique predicament and follows the protagonist's journey as he tries to find a solution that allows him to maintain his relationship while overcoming his snoring problem.

Sweet Kaaram Coffee

Sweet Kaaram Coffee is a heartwarming and inspiring series that revolves around three women from different generations. These women find themselves living together under unusual circumstances in a shared home. The narrative focuses on the challenges they face and the choices they make as individuals, even if it means putting their own needs and desires ahead of the traditional familial bonds that connect them. Sweet Kaaram Coffee explores themes of independence, self-discovery, and the complexities of relationships. It showcases the strength and resilience of the female characters as they navigate life's ups and downs, ultimately finding their own paths to happiness and fulfillment.


IB71 is a highly anticipated suspenseful spy thriller drama set in India. The story revolves around a crucial clandestine mission undertaken by the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The film features Vidyut Jammwal in a prominent role. As the plot unfolds, viewers will be taken on a thrilling ride, witnessing the high-stakes world of espionage, danger, and covert operations. IB71 promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its intense action sequences, intricate plot twists, and gripping narrative that highlights the dedication and sacrifice of intelligence operatives working to protect their country's security.


Blind is an upcoming movie inspired by a popular South Korean crime drama. The film stars Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in the lead role. The story centers around a police officer who, despite being blind, embarks on a relentless search for a cunning serial killer. As she delves deeper into the investigation, she must rely on her heightened senses and intuition to unravel the mystery. Blind promises to be a gripping thriller that explores themes of determination, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a woman facing extraordinary challenges.

The Horrors of Dolores Roach

The Horrors of Dolores Roach is a series that follows the titular character, Dolores Roach, who spent 16 years in prison before being released. Returning to gentrified Washington Heights, Dolores reconnects with an old friend, setting off a chain of events that leads her down a terrifying path. The series delves into the dark and macabre as Dolores confronts her past, battles inner demons, and navigates through the haunting secrets of her neighborhood. As Dolores seeks revenge and retribution, The Horrors of Dolores Roach explores themes of survival, the consequences of one's actions, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. The series combines elements of horror, suspense, and psychological thrillers, immersing viewers in a chilling and atmospheric narrative that keeps them on the edge of their seats.


Tarla is an upcoming movie that delves into the captivating story of Tarla Dalal, a renowned figure in the culinary world. The film explores Tarla's love affair with food and how it shaped her attitude, humor, and approach to life. Navigating through societal expectations and personal challenges, Tarla's journey offers a fresh perspective on body positivity and self-acceptance. The movie portrays the joys and struggles she faced while establishing herself as a culinary icon, highlighting her determination, creativity, and unwavering passion for cooking. Tarla promises to be a relatable and entertaining watch for audiences of all backgrounds, blending heartfelt moments with lighthearted humor, and celebrating the power of following one's dreams.

List of Upcoming Movies and TV Shows to Stream in July 2023 on OTT Platforms
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