Khakee Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Khakee Season 2
Khakee Season 2

Renowned filmmaker Neeraj Pandey, celebrated for his cinematic gems like "A Wednesday" and "Special 26," has unveiled plans for the much-anticipated second season of the riveting crime thriller series, "Khakee: The Bihar Chapter." Expressing his enthusiasm for the forthcoming installment, Pandey remarked, “Partnering with Netflix has been an enriching journey, unveiling limitless storytelling avenues. Their dedication to narrative excellence resonates deeply with my creative ethos. Our collaborative voyage thus far has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I'm confident that our continued partnership will unveil more captivating tales from the heartlands of India to a global audience.”

Grateful for the unwavering support showered upon the inaugural season, Pandey extended his gratitude, stating, “I extend heartfelt thanks to our viewers for championing 'Khakee-The Bihar Chapter' and propelling us towards greater endeavors.” Taking to his Instagram platform to announce the sequel, the director penned, “Eagerly anticipating your affection, well-wishes, and blessings as we embark on the journey of Season 2 of Khakee!”

Plot of Khakee Season 2

Prepare yourselves for the electrifying sequel, "Khakee: The Bengal Chapter," as the fearless SP Amit Lodha embarks on a new chapter of his journey, thrust into the labyrinthine alleys of West Bengal. As he braces himself to confront the lurking perils of his new posting, viewers can expect a pulse-pounding narrative teeming with action, intrigue, and spine-tingling suspense. 

With the series poised to unfold in a fresh locale, anticipation runs high as fans eagerly await the twists and turns that await our indomitable supercop amidst the enigmatic streets of Bengal.

With the collaborative efforts of Netflix and Neeraj Pandey's production house poised to unleash a slew of enthralling series and films, anticipation for the official release date of "Khakee" season 2 has reached fever pitch. This highly anticipated installment promises to deliver yet another riveting crime thriller experience, captivating audiences from start to finish with its gripping plotline.

The return of familiar faces such as Karan Tacker, Ashutosh Rana, Nikita Dutta, and more ensures a seamless continuation of the series' legacy, with each character leaving an indelible mark on the narrative tapestry. As fans eagerly await the unveiling of this cinematic masterpiece, the stage is set for another spellbinding chapter in the annals of crime drama.

Release Date

The release date for "Khakee: The Bengal Chapter" has not been announced yet. Fans are eagerly awaiting this information, as the excitement for the second season continues to build. Keep an eye out for updates from Netflix and Neeraj Pandey's production house, as the announcement is expected to generate a lot of buzz and anticipation.


  • Karan Tacker: Returns as the fearless SP Amit Lodha, bringing his strong screen presence and acting skills to the role once again. His portrayal of the determined and brave supercop is central to the series' appeal.

  • Avinash Tiwary: Joins the cast, adding new depth and intrigue to the storyline. His character is expected to play a significant role in the unfolding drama.

  • Abhimanyu Singh

  • Jatin Sarna

  • Ravi Kishan

  • Ashutosh Rana

  • Nikita Dutta

  • Shraddha Das

  • Anup Soni


  • Bhav Dhulia: Directs "Khakee: The Bengal Chapter." Known for creating gripping stories, Bhav Dhulia is set to deliver another exciting season that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Where to Watch

  • Netflix: The series will be available exclusively on Netflix, allowing fans worldwide to immerse themselves in the thrilling adventures of SP Amit Lodha and his team.

Final Verdict

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding saga of real-life heroics and the unyielding determination of law enforcement, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited second season that will leave you on the edge of your seat, barely able to contain your anticipation. With its gripping narrative and pulse-pounding action, "Khakee" season 2 promises to be an exhilarating roller coaster ride like no other. 

As fans eagerly await the unveiling of the trailer and teaser, anticipation reaches a crescendo, heralding the imminent announcement of a release date, with hopes soaring for a thrilling debut within the year. Join the fervent community of aficionados, poised on the precipice of suspense, awaiting the next thrilling chapter in this gripping cop drama.

Khakee Season 2
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