New Kannada Movies on OTT
New Kannada Movies on OTT

New Kannada Movies on OTT [November 2023]: Valatty

New Kannada Movies on OTT: Explore the latest in Kannada cinema this November on OTT with "Valatty." The Kannada film industry is on a successful streak, consistently delivering hits. This month, it brings its magic to your favorite OTT platforms, offering a mix of genres from action to drama and romance.

"Valatty" tells the story of Tomy, a Golden Retriever in a suburban neighborhood, whose life takes a turn when he realizes his connection with Amalu, a Cocker Spaniel next door, goes beyond breed and ownership. Their bond forms an unbreakable connection that resonates.

Amidst recent hits like Nodadha Puttagalu, Melody Drama, and King of Kotha, "Valatty" joins the must-watch list with an IMDb rating of 8.6. The cast, including Vijay Babu, Raghu Subhash Chandran, and Indrans, brings the characters to life, making "Valatty" a memorable cinematic experience. The movie releases on Disney+Hotstar on November 7, 2023, promising entertainment for Kannada movie enthusiasts.

If you're in the mood for a film exploring unexpected connections, "Valatty" is the one to watch. No need for fancy words—just grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy the magic of Kannada cinema this November with "Valatty," the standout Kannada movie on your watchlist!

New Kannada Movies on OTT
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New Kannada Movies on OTT
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New Kannada Movies on OTT
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