New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023): Embrace a Diverse Array of Genres and Stories

New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023)
New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023)

New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023): The Mollywood industry continues to deliver cinematic gems that captivate audiences across the country, and the influx of new Malayalam-language films on various OTT streaming platforms has only heightened the excitement among cinema lovers. With streaming giants like Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLiv, ManoramaMAX, and Saina Play curating an extensive collection of Malayalam movies, there's something for every discerning viewer.

From heartwarming romances to intense dramas, action-packed thrillers to intriguing mysteries, the latest offerings showcase the rich diversity and storytelling prowess of Malayalam cinema. So, get ready to be enthralled by a captivating selection of new releases hitting the OTT platforms this August.

Whether you're a fan of poignant family dramas, thought-provoking urban angst, or spine-chilling psycho-horror thrillers, this roundup will keep you informed about the latest and greatest in the world of Malayalam cinema. Sit back, relax, and let these exceptional films transport you into the captivating world of storytelling from the land of Kerala.

New Malayalam Movies on OTT  

Dark Shades Of A Secret

Step into the enigmatic world of "Dark Shades of a Secret," a gripping crime thriller that revolves around five friends planning a long-awaited reunion in a secluded village, seven years after their graduation. Amidst the anticipation and excitement, their joyful gathering takes a sinister turn when an untimely death sets off a police-launched murder investigation, plunging them into a web of secrets and deceit. The film's masterful storytelling keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, immersed in a suspenseful journey that unravels the hidden truths from their past. Under the skillful direction of Vidya Mukundan, this movie promises to leave viewers breathless with its heart-pounding suspense.


Embrace the heartwarming moments of an affectionate household in "Santhosham," a beautifully crafted family drama that revolves around Suresh Kumar and his family. Aadya and Akshara, his two daughters, share an endearing bond despite their age difference, with Aadya taking on the role of a caring mother figure to her younger sister. However, the narrative takes a poignant turn when Aadya's wedding is decided, and the dynamics between the siblings shift. Director Ajith V. Thomas skillfully captures the essence of family ties and unconditional love, delivering a film that warms the heart and leaves a lasting impression. With an impressive IMDb rating of 7.7/10, "Santhosham" promises to be an endearing and relatable family comedy.

Njaan Ippo Entha Cheyya

Step into the lives of Arjun and Divya as they navigate the challenges of a lockdown in "Njaan Ippo Entha Cheyya." The unexpected murder that disrupts their lives adds a layer of complexity to their situation, testing their resilience and coping mechanisms. At its core, the film beautifully explores how the younger generation, Gen Z, grapples with anxieties and difficult circumstances, making it a relevant and thought-provoking piece of cinema. Directed by Vijay Menon, "Njaan Ippo Entha Cheyya" strikes a delicate balance between urban angst and dark comedy, earning it a noteworthy IMDb rating of 7.6.


Dive into the thrilling world of "Kolla," where Annie and Shilpa embark on an ambitious journey of opening a beauty salon in a quaint small town. Their venture receives a warm welcome from the locals, but a sudden twist sets off a dangerous cat-and-mouse pursuit, forcing the girls to escape a treacherous trap. Director Suraj Varma skillfully weaves a captivating cop procedural thriller that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. With a talented cast, including Priya Prakash Varrier and Rajisha Vijayan, "Kolla" promises an adrenaline-pumping experience and holds an IMDb rating of 5.8.

Oh Meri Laila

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions in "Oh Meri Laila," a delightful comedy-drama that follows the romantic aspirations of college student Lailasuran. However, his dreams take a surprising turn when he falls for a mysterious girl, leading to chaos and hilarious moments. "Oh Meri Laila" is a heartwarming tale of Lailasuran's relentless pursuit of his True Love, brought to life by the talented Antony Varghese and an exceptional ensemble cast. Under the brilliant direction of Abhishek K.S., the film effortlessly balances comedy and drama, making it a must-watch with an IMDb rating of 5.2.

Mathukuttiyude Vazhikal

"Mathukuttiyude Vazhikal" embarks on an inspiring journey with Mathukutty, born into a middle-class farming family, as he takes a stand against corruption and social injustice. Through his struggles and determination, he evolves into a lawyer who fearlessly confronts a quarry owner and a dishonest forest warden. Director Biju M. Raaj delivers a powerful drama that resonates with viewers, showcasing the indomitable spirit of a man determined to create a better future despite the odds. With an IMDb rating yet to be updated, "Mathukuttiyude Vazhikal" offers a captivating and impactful cinematic experience.

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn

"Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn" unfolds a touching love story between Jimmy, a garage owner, and Nithya, a schoolteacher, whose societal barriers threaten to keep them apart. Directed by Adhil Maimoonath Asharaf, the film skillfully portrays the challenges faced by the couple as they navigate the complexities of societal norms and expectations. With a talented cast led by Bhavana and Sharaf U Dheen, "Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn" strikes an emotional chord with viewers, earning a remarkable IMDb rating of 7.6.

Janaki Jaane

"Janaki Jaane" takes audiences on an emotional journey as Unni Mukundan proposes to Janaki, who battles a panic-related issue. The couple's love is put to the test as Janaki confronts challenges arising from her condition. Director Aniesh Upaasana crafts a heartwarming family drama, emphasizing the power of love and determination in the face of adversity. With remarkable performances by Saiju Kurup and Navya Nair, "Janaki Jaane" touches hearts and holds an IMDb rating of 6.9.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of "Santacruz," a drama-musical that shines a spotlight on the talented dance troupe from Fort Kochi bearing the same name. The intriguing plot unfolds when a director seeks inspiration from the dance troupe's story for his new film, leading to unexpected turns and revelations. Directed by Johnson John Fernandez, "Santacruz" promises a mesmerizing blend of drama and music, supported by stellar performances. With an IMDb rating of 7.1, this film is a treat for both the eyes and the soul.


"Live" centers around Dr. Amala and Anna, victims of online bullying and false reporting, who unite to take on the powerful media mafia. Directed by VK Prakash, this gripping drama-thriller highlights the courage and resilience of individuals standing up against injustice. With Priya Prakash Varrier, Mamta Mohandas, and Shine Tom Chacko leading the cast, "Live" delivers a compelling narrative and holds an IMDb rating of 4.7.

Jackson Bazaar Youth

"Jackson Bazaar Youth" ventures into the fascinating lives of the band named The Jackson Bazaar Youth, whose immense social media following leads them into the unpredictable world of the underworld. An encounter with the police adds to their troubles, leading to an enthralling exploration of fame and its consequences. Under the direction of Shamal Sulaiman, this comedy-drama promises entertainment and thought-provoking moments, boasting an IMDb rating of 6.3.


In "Trishanku," join the adventurous journey of Sethu and Megha, a small-town couple, as they navigate the challenges of elopement. However, complications arise when Sethu's sister decides to elope too, leading to a series of hilarious and heartwarming moments. Directed by Achyuth Vinayak, this adventure comedy-drama offers a delightful cinematic experience, with an IMDb rating of 6.3. Arjun Ashokan and Anna Ben deliver commendable performances that add depth to the characters, making "Trishanku" a delightful and relatable watch for audiences of all ages.

Charles Enterprises

"Charles Enterprises" introduces us to the intriguing world of Ravi Kumaraswamy, a young man with night blindness, who embarks on a journey that unfolds in unexpected ways. The film's central theme revolves around Ravi's decision to steal a Ganesha idol from his devout mother, Gomathi, in an attempt to change his life's trajectory. However, this seemingly innocent act leads to a complex and captivating situation that challenges Ravi's resolve and ingenuity. Under the directorial prowess of Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian, the film skillfully explores the consequences of one's actions and the paths they choose to follow. With a blend of drama and comedy, "Charles Enterprises" offers a unique and engaging cinematic experience, garnering an IMDb rating of 6.2.

Thaaram Theertha Koodaram

In the heartwarming family romantic drama "Thaaram Theertha Koodaram," we follow the journey of Sanjay, a food delivery guy with bipolar disorder, who finds himself living on the streets after being abandoned by his family. In a bid to prove himself worthy of love and acceptance, Sanjay takes on the responsibility of caring for two homeless girls, hoping to win back his family's trust. However, the complexities of their situation lead to unforeseen challenges, and Sanjay's life takes unexpected turns as he secretly shares his room with the girls. Director Gokul Ramakrishnan crafts a touching narrative that delves into themes of love, acceptance, and the bonds that connect us as a family. With an impressive IMDb rating of 8.3, "Thaaram Theertha Koodaram" is a heartwarming tale that resonates with audiences on an emotional level.


Enter the spine-chilling world of "Vamanan," a psycho-horror thriller that revolves around the survival of Vamanan, a homestay manager working at a hill station, and his family. Moving into an ancient house near his workplace seemed like a dream come true until they encounter ghostly activities in a nearby dwelling. As inexplicable events unfold, Vamanan must summon courage and determination to confront the sinister forces that threaten his family's safety. Director A B Binil masterfully crafts an atmosphere of dread and suspense, delivering an enthralling cinematic experience that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. Featuring stellar performances from Indrans, Seema G. Nair, and Baiju Santhosh, "Vamanan" leaves a lasting impression with an IMDb rating of 4.1.

New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023)
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New Malayalam Movies on OTT (August 2023)
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