Upcoming Netflix Releases for November 2023!

Upcoming Netflix Releases for November 2023
Upcoming Netflix Releases for November 2023

Upcoming Netflix Releases for November 2023: Buckle up, folks, because November is just around the corner, and Netflix is all set to deliver a treasure trove of entertainment. From thrilling dramas to heartwarming animations, this month promises to be a cinematic journey like no other. Get ready to mark your calendars and dive into the exciting lineup.

All the Light We Cannot See (Limited Series) Coming to Netflix: November 2nd

Prepare for a visually stunning ride as Steven Knight unveils "All the Light We Cannot See," a limited series based on the bestselling novel. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the story follows Marie-Laure, a young girl who is blind, as she embarks on a life-changing journey in occupied France. With a star-studded cast including Aria Mia Loberti, Mark Ruffalo, and Hugh Laurie, this series is poised to be a November highlight.

Unicorn Academy Coming to Netflix: November 2nd

For the young and young-at-heart, "Unicorn Academy" is an enchanting animated series. Join Sophia and her fellow students at Unicorn Academy as they learn magic to protect their world. This mystical adventure promises to captivate audiences of all ages.

Blue Eye Samurai Coming to Netflix: November 3rd

"Blue Eye Samurai" is an animation project that has fans buzzing with excitement. Follow the life of Mizu, a sword-wielding master on a quest for vengeance. With a voice cast featuring Maya Erskine, George Takei, and more, this series is sure to be a visual and narrative treat.

Nyad Coming to Netflix: November 3rd

Prepare for a compelling biopic in the form of "Nyad." This controversial yet gripping tale recounts Diana Nyad's remarkable journey to swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 60. With powerhouse performances by Annette Bening, Jodie Foster, and Rhys Ifans, this film promises to make waves in November.

Sly (2023) Coming to Netflix: November 3rd

Following the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger's documentary, it's now Sylvester Stallone's turn to shine. "Sly (2023)" offers an in-depth look at Stallone's illustrious career, promising an intimate and fascinating perspective on the Hollywood legend.

Football Manager 2024 Mobile Coming to Netflix: November 6th

For all the sports enthusiasts out there, get ready to manage your own soccer team in "Football Manager 2024 Mobile." Exclusively available on Netflix Games, this mobile game promises hours of strategic fun.

The Killer (2023) Coming to Netflix: November 10th

Prepare for a cinematic masterpiece with "The Killer (2023)." Directed by the iconic David Fincher, this movie, based on a hit graphic novel, is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. With a star-studded cast including Michael Fassbender, Charles Parnell, and Tilda Swinton, it's a thriller you won't want to miss.

Stamped from the Beginning Coming to Netflix: November 15th

Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams brings Dr. Ibram X. Kendi's best-selling book, "Stamped from the Beginning," to life. Through vivid animations and insights from leading female scholars, this documentary explores the history of anti-Black racist ideas.

Best Christmas. Ever! Coming to Netflix: November 16th

The holiday season kicks off with "Best. Christmas. Ever!" This heartwarming live-action romantic comedy follows old friends as they navigate the ups and downs of the festive season. Starring Heather Graham, Brandy, Jason Biggs, and Matt Cedeño, it's a must-watch for those seeking holiday cheer.

Rustin Coming to Netflix: November 17th

Get ready to be moved by "Rustin," a biopic that delves into the life of Bayard Rustin, a gay and civil rights activist who organized the 1963 March on Washington. With an exceptional ensemble cast, this film is a potential Oscar contender for 2023.

CoComelon Lane Coming to Netflix: November 17th

"CoComelon Lane" takes the beloved characters of CoComelon on new adventures. Join JJ as he speaks for the first time, marking an exciting milestone in this popular series.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Coming to Netflix: November 17th

Based on the hit Edgar Wright movies, "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off" is an anime series that follows Scott Pilgrim as he battles seven evil exes to win the girl of his dreams. This is a visual feast for fans of the original films.

The Dads Coming to Netflix: November 17th (date subject to change)

In this touching documentary, five dads discuss their love, hopes, and fears for their trans kids while on a fishing trip with Matthew Shepard's father. It's a heartfelt exploration of family and acceptance.

Leo (2023) Coming to Netflix: November 21st (was previously November 22nd)

Prepare for animated fun in "Leo (2023)," where Adam Sandler lends his voice to a class pet lizard. With a star-studded cast, including Bill Burr and Cecily Strong, this film is perfect for family viewing.

Squid Game: The Challenge Coming to Netflix: November 22nd

The highly-anticipated competition reality series, "Squid Game: The Challenge," is set to take the world by storm. Contestants will face a series of tasks reminiscent of the main show, promising high-stakes drama and intense competition.

Family Switch Coming to Netflix: November 30th

Wrap up the month with "Family Switch," a hilarious family comedy starring Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Brady Noon, and Wednesday star Emma Myers. It's a body-switching adventure that's bound to deliver laughs and heartwarming moments.

Obliterated Coming to Netflix: November 30th

From the creators of "Cobra Kai," "Obliterated" is an action-comedy series set in the heart of Las Vegas. An elite special forces team races against time to thwart a deadly threat, promising high-octane action and intrigue.

Wingwomen / Voleuses (2023) Coming to Netflix: November 1st Language: French

Mélanie Laurent takes the director's chair in "Wingwomen / Voleuses," an action-comedy that follows two expert thieves who recruit a new member for a final heist. This French film promises laughter and intrigue in equal measure.

Cigarette Girl (Season 1) Coming to Netflix: November 2nd (subject to change) Language: Indonesian

"Cigarette Girl" is a gripping Indonesian drama that unravels a love story buried in a family's distant past. With a backdrop of rich culture and emotion, this series is bound to tug at your heartstrings.

Onimusha (Season 1) Coming to Netflix: November 2nd (subject to change) Language: Japanese

For fans of video game adaptations, "Onimusha" promises an action-packed journey. As Musashi departs with the legendary Oni Gauntlet to defeat the Genma during the Edo period, a world of demons and warriors comes to life.

Ferry: The Series Coming to Netflix: November 3rd Language: Dutch (show originates from Belgium)

Take a prequel journey with "Ferry: The Series" as it reveals the rise of Ferry Bouman, a notorious drug lord. With thrilling twists and character development, this Belgian series is a must-watch for crime drama enthusiasts.

Akuma Kun (Season 1) Coming to Netflix: November 9th (subject to change) Language: Japanese

"Akuma Kun" offers a unique perspective as it follows a young boy striving to create a society where humanity embraces its true potential with the help of unexpected allies. This Shounen anime series is a tale of hope and determination.

At the Moment Coming to Netflix: November 10th Language: Chinese

In "At the Moment," a new romantic drama series from Taiwan, love takes center stage. Set against a backdrop of emotion and connection, this series is bound to tug at your heartstrings.

In Love and Deep Water Coming to Netflix: November 16th Language: Japanese

Embark on a luxurious journey aboard a cruise ship in "In Love and Deep Water." With romance and mystery intertwined, this Japanese series tells a story of love, adventure, and intrigue. An ensemble cast and a beautiful setting make it a visual treat.

Cryptoshlag / All-Time High Coming to Netflix: November 17th Language: French

"Cryptoshlag / All-Time High" is a French comedy movie that promises entertainment and laughter. When a pro-scammer meets his match in a poker game, an unexpected romance develops, leading to an enthralling tale of humor and adventure.

Believer 2 Coming to Netflix: November 17th Language: Korean

Following the success of "Ballerina," "Believer 2" continues the story of Detective Won Ho as he chases after elusive characters in the criminal world. With action, suspense, and intrigue, this South Korean film keeps the excitement alive.

My Daemon Coming to Netflix: November 23rd (subject to change) Language: Japanese

Prepare for a thrilling anime experience in "My Daemon." After a nuclear blast connects Earth and Hell, Kento and his forest Daemon, Anna, unite to rescue his mother. This unique storyline promises to blend fantasy, adventure, and emotion.

A Nearly Normal Family (Limited Series) Coming to Netflix: November 24th Language: Swedish

For fans of Nordic crime thrillers, "A Nearly Normal Family" is a must-watch. The Sandell family's seemingly perfect life is shattered when their daughter is accused of murder. This series promises to be a gripping exploration of family dynamics and suspense.

Love Like a K-Drama Coming to Netflix: November 28th

Love takes center stage in "Love Like a K-Drama," a new dating reality series. While details are still under wraps, expect love, drama, and plenty of surprises.

Onmyoji Coming to Netflix: November 28th

Based on Baku Yumemakura's "Onmyoji," this anime promises to bring the legendary spell-caster Abe no Seimei to life. With a blend of history and mysticism, this Japanese series is bound to captivate audiences.

Upcoming Netflix Releases for November 2023
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