Who is Naved Shaikh (Naezy): Everything You Need to Know

Naved Shaikh (Naezy)
Naved Shaikh (Naezy)

Naved Shaikh, widely known as Naezy, emerges as a prominent figure in India's vibrant hip-hop landscape. Hailing from the humble surroundings of Kurla, Mumbai, in the dilapidated slum of Ram Bachan Chawl, Naezy's journey to fame is a testament to his passion for music and determination.

From an early age, Naezy found himself drawn to the beats of Sean Paul, setting the stage for his future in music. His breakthrough came with the self-produced music video 'Aafat!' in 2014, which swiftly gained viral status on YouTube, amassing over 200,000 views. This was followed by the chart-topping single 'Mere Gully Mein', featuring his collaborator DIVINE, a track that captured the essence of their journey and later inspired the acclaimed film 'Gully Boy'.

Naezy's foray into cinema began with his debut in the 2015 song 'Birju' from the movie 'Hey Bro'. The track, featuring industry stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, and dance icon Prabhu Deva, further solidified his presence in the entertainment industry.

Beyond his musical achievements, Naezy commands a substantial following on Instagram, where his profile boasts over 306K dedicated followers, reflecting his influence and resonance within the youth culture of India.

Naved Shaikh's journey from the streets of Kurla to the forefront of India's hip-hop scene underscores his talent, resilience, and the power of music to transcend boundaries and inspire millions.

He has entered Bigg Boss, which is currently being hosted by Anil Kapoor.he has entered Bigg Boss OTT season 3, which is currently being hosted by Anil Kapoor.

Early Inspiration and Beginnings

Naved Shaikh, or Naezy, discovered his passion for music at a young age in the congested alleys of Kurla's Ram Bachan Chawl. Introduced to the beats of Sean Paul's "Temperature" at just 13, he was instantly captivated. Determined to immerse himself in the world of music, Naezy diligently printed and memorized the lyrics, setting the stage for his future in hip-hop.

Breakthrough with 'Aafat

In 2014, Naezy burst onto the hip-hop scene with a revolutionary approach. Armed with nothing more than an iPad and sheer determination, he produced the DIY music video "Aafat." The video, despite its minimal budget, struck a chord on YouTube, garnering over 4.7 lakh views and propelling Naezy into the spotlight overnight. This pivotal moment not only showcased his raw talent but also solidified his position as a trailblazer in India's burgeoning hip-hop landscape.

Collaboration and Mainstream Recognition

Naezy's collaboration with fellow rapper DIVINE further amplified his influence. Their hit single "Mere Gully Mein," released in 2015, became a cultural phenomenon, depicting the struggles and aspirations of urban youth in Mumbai's gullies. The song's authenticity and relatability resonated deeply across the country, marking a significant shift from conventional hip-hop themes to issues of social relevance and local identity.

Impact and Cultural Significance

The duo's rise to prominence symbolizes the emergence of 'bhasha' rap, a uniquely Indian adaptation of Western hip-hop that addresses pressing societal issues. Tracks like "Mere Gully Mein" not only celebrate their roots but also serve as a voice for marginalized communities, addressing corruption, police brutality, and other systemic challenges. Their ability to articulate these themes in everyday language has garnered widespread acclaim, making them pivotal figures in modern Indian music.

Future and Influence

Naezy's recent release, "Haq Hai," continues to showcase his evolution as an artist and activist. With over 30,000 views in its first week, the song underscores his ongoing impact and relevance. Beyond music, Naezy remains committed to using hip-hop as a platform for social change, challenging stereotypes and reshaping perceptions of Indian hip-hop. His ambitious vision aims to rewrite the narrative of the genre, advocating for authenticity and meaningful expression in an evolving cultural landscape.

Net Worth

Naezy, the renowned rapper from Mumbai, boasts a net worth of approximately Rs 7 crores, equivalent to around one million dollars. His wealth primarily stems from his successful career in music, performances, and numerous collaborations within the Indian music industry. These endeavors have not only enhanced his financial standing but also solidified his status as a prominent figure in the Indian hip-hop scene.

Naezy's earnings have been notably robust, bolstered by his consistent output and widespread popularity. His decision to participate in Bigg Boss is expected to further expand his reach and influence, potentially opening new avenues for his career. As he continues to evolve as an artist and entrepreneur, Naezy remains a significant force in shaping the trajectory of Indian music, with his financial success reflecting his impact and dedication to the craft.

Naved Shaikh (Naezy)
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