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Payal Malik, commonly known by her nickname Payal, is a well-known social media influencer and YouTuber. She frequently appears on her popular YouTube channel and Instagram account. Born on December 19, 1994, in Delhi, India, her hometown is Chandigarh, India. Payal is also active in promoting her business brand on social media platforms.

An Indian national, Payal completed her education at Delhi University, earning a B.Com degree. While details about her early education are scarce, it is known that she follows the Hindu religion. Married to Armaan Malik, Payal enjoys shopping, traveling, and creating videos in her free time.

Payal Malik's Profile

  • Full Name:  Payal Malik

  • Nickname:  Payal

  • Birth Date: December 19, 1994

  • Birth Place: Delhi, India

  • Hometown:  Chandigarh, India

  • Nationality:  Indian

  • Education:  B.Com from Delhi University

  • Religion:  Hindu

  • Marital Status:  Married to Armaan Malik

  • Marriage Year:  2012

  • Children: Chirayu Malik (born May 5, 2016), Ayan Malik and Tuba Malik (born April 26, 2023)

  • Profession: Social Media Influencer, YouTuber

  • YouTube Channel:  Family vlog channel with Armaan Malik

  • YouTube Subscribers:  7.7 million

Life of Payal Malik

Payal Malik, the first wife of renowned YouTuber Armaan Malik, leads a fulfilling life surrounded by her supportive family. She is a versatile professional, working as an actor, model, and content creator. Payal regularly shares her daily vlogs on her YouTube channel, which are beloved by her fans.

Born on December 19, 1994, Payal started her professional journey at a young age and is now 30 years old. She is proudly Indian by nationality, born in India.

The Malik household is adorned with numerous YouTube play buttons, symbolizing Payal's achievements and success in her career as a content creator.

Payal Malik’s Love and Sacrifice

In an interview with the Indian Express, Payal Malik shared her heartfelt reasons for staying in her marriage despite the challenges. "I chose to stay with him despite another marriage because I love him. Also, I am in this marriage for my son Chiku," she explained.

Payal elaborated, "I am happy living this way; it's not like I am being forced to. No woman will tolerate her husband's second marriage. Money is secondary; if you are not happy in that relationship, nobody can keep you tied to it."

In a poignant moment during the interview, Payal revealed the personal cost of her choices. "Only the time I had separated from Armaan, I was in touch with my family over the phone. But when I returned to him, we broke ties again," she shared, highlighting the cultural and familial challenges they have faced.

Despite the drama surrounding her personal life, Payal expressed her aspirations. "I never got a chance to fulfill my dreams; I wanted to become something in life," she said. "Now people know me, but I don't want to be known only as one of Armaan Malik's wives or his first wife. I have big dreams; I would love to act."

Payal Malik's Kids

On YouTube, you can see Armaan Malik's first wife, Payal Malik, with their three children. Their son, Chirayu Malik, was born on May 5, 2016. They also have twins, Ayan Malik and Tuba Malik, who were born on April 26, 2023. With over one to one and a half years of their lives now visible online, Payal and her family have become very popular YouTubers, with their vlogs attracting a significant following.

Payal Malik’s Bigg Boss OTT 3 Journey

Reflecting on her time in Bigg Boss OTT 3, Payal Malik shared with the Indian Express, "I never expected my journey to end so abruptly. I truly believe I garnered a lot of votes and wasn't meant to be evicted at this stage." Her sudden departure has left fans speculating about the house dynamics and how her exit will affect Armaan and Kritika's strategies.

As Payal steps out of the Bigg Boss house and into the public eye, her insights provide a rare look into a complex relationship that defies societal norms.

Payal Malik's Net Worth

Payal Malik's net worth is estimated to be around 3 Crore INR, based primarily on her YouTube earnings.

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