Who is Sana Sultan: Everything You Need to Know

Who is Sana Sultan: Everything You Need to Know
Who is Sana Sultan: Everything You Need to Know

Model, actress, and social media influencer Sana Sultan Khan, popularly known as Queen Khan, embarked on her career as a blogger. In 2014 or 2015, she began creating Dubsmash videos, which were all the rage at the time. Her engaging and entertaining videos quickly went viral, catapulting her to online fame. She then transitioned to TikTok, where her lip-syncing videos became incredibly popular, amassing a large following until the app was banned in India.

Following her social media success, Sana ventured into modeling, appearing in numerous print advertisements. Her career took a significant leap forward when she was featured on a Times Square Billboard in New York after winning the prestigious title of ‘UC Miss Cricket’ in 2019.

Sana Sultan Khan has been creating a significant buzz among fans since her debut on the show. Her Shayari left host Anil Kapoor in awe, and her elegance and poetic flair have captivated fellow contestants. Here’s everything you need to know about this social media influencer, who once graced New York’s Times Square Billboard.

About Sana Sultan's Career and Life

Family Background

Sana was born to Sultan Khan and Nadia Begum, with her mother working professionally as a beautician. She also has an older brother, Nisal Sultan Khan. 

Overcoming Adversity

In an interview, Sana opened up about her challenging childhood, where she faced bullying due to her timid nature. Determined to transform herself, she embraced college life intending to live freely and confidently. However, this transition was met with criticism, as she was often labeled a fashion disaster and mocked by her peers.

Journey to Success

Despite these early struggles, Sana's resilience and determination led her to reinvent herself. Today, she is not only a celebrated influencer but also a source of inspiration to many, showcasing her journey from being ridiculed to shining on an international platform.

Blogging Life

Sana Sultan Khan's journey to stardom began with her foray into blogging and creating lip-sync videos on Dubsmash, a popular social media platform at the time. Her creative and engaging content quickly garnered attention, paving the way for her to become a social media star. Following the ban of TikTok in India, where she had also found success with her lip-syncing videos, Sana seamlessly transitioned to other platforms and continued to grow her online presence.

Modeling and Major Achievements

Her rising popularity on social media opened doors to the modeling world. Sana started working in print advertisements and was eventually featured on New York’s Times Square Billboard after winning the title of UC Miss Cricket in 2019. This milestone marked a significant achievement in her career.

Music Video Appearances

Sana's talent and charisma led her to feature in several popular music videos, including:

  • Sharry Mann's "Dilwale"

  • Kaka's "Gustaakhi"

  •  B Praak's "Roohedaariyan"

  •  Jazzy B & Milind Gaba's "Couple"

Her contributions to music videos were recognized when she received the Shining Star of the Year Award in 2023 at the Dada Saheb Phalke Icon Award Films International Dubai.

Acting Ventures

While Sana has not yet appeared in a feature film, she has showcased her acting skills in short films such as "Lost Dream" (2016) and "An Everlasting Love" (2019).

Bigg Boss OTT and Social Media Influence

Currently, Sana is making waves in the Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 house with her Shayari, captivating both viewers and fellow contestants. Her popularity on social media is evident, with 6.5 million followers on Instagram, where she continues to engage and inspire her audience.

Sana Sultan Khan's journey from a bullied child to a celebrated influencer and artist is a testament to her resilience and talent, marking her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Who is Sana Sultan: Everything You Need to Know
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