85% Work Completed at AIIMS Guwahati: Director

Addressing a press conference at Ratnamouli Palace in Guwahati, Ashok Purani stated that the institute is ready for the public with a total of 150 beds.
AIIMS Guwahati | file image
AIIMS Guwahati | file image

Around 85 percent construction work of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Guwahati has been completed.

This was stated by Ashok Purani, the Director of AIIMS Guwahati.

Addressing a press conference at Ratnamouli Palace in Guwahati on Wednesday, Ashok Purani stated that the institute is ready for the public with a total of 150 beds being installed.

Ashok Purani said, “AIIMS Guwahati is ready to offer its services to the people. Out of the 189.20 acres of land where the medical institute has been built, 85 percent of the work has been completed. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the institute on April 14, it will start offering its services in full swing.”

The director stated that the institute will offer services in departments including medicine, gynecology, ophthalmology, OPD, radiology, cardiology, neurology, burn & plastic surgery, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.

Meanwhile, the OPD service which has already begun its services provides treatment to a total of 150 patients daily.

“150 patients are being provided medical facilities every day at AIIMS. Construction work of the institute will be completely over in the next three years. 75 doctors are providing treatment at present,” Purani said.

He also added that 199 MBBS students are currently enrolled at the institute. Moreover, 125 nurses, 78 faculty members and 12 senior resident doctors are providing education as well as their services in the medical institute. 

“The efficient service provided by AIIMS Guwahati will boost the health sector not only in Assam but all northeastern states,” Purani added.

Many senior officers of AIIMS were also present at the press conference that was held today.

AIIMS Guwahati | file image
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