Bike-Borne Men Snatch 2 Women’s Chain at Gunpoint in Guwahati’s Borbari

The incident was reported at 6 am in the morning.
The victims of the chain snatching incident
The victims of the chain snatching incident

In yet another chain-snatching incident, two bike-borne men snatched gold chains from two women at gunpoint in Guwahati’s Borbari area on Saturday morning.

The incident was reported at 6 am in the morning when the miscreants in a black and red bike snatched the gold chains from their necks at gunpoint in Borbari area.

One of the victims said, “Today morning, two miscreants came in a bike and stood in front of the shop where I was standing. One of them held me from behind while the other one put a gun on my neck and snatched the gold chain.”

Meanwhile, the other victim questioned the actions taken by the police officials on the recurring incidents of robbery and chain snatching as a pharmacy owned by her family was also looted by a few thieves three to four months back.

She said, “It has been three to four months since a few robbers looted our pharmacy and despite the visuals of CCTV footage displayed the robbers, the police are still unable to nab them. And today, other miscreants snatched my gold chain. I did not inform the police regarding the incident as I don’t feel there will be any fruitful outcome because my gold chain is gone and they won’t be able to trace the miscreants like they are still unable to nab the robbers.”

The victims of the chain snatching incident
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