"Fact-Checking Mel" Sheds Light on Crucial Role of Accuracy in Journalism at Guwahati Event

BOOM Live Organizes Enlightening Conference, Emphasizing Importance of Fact-Checking in Media Landscape.
"Fact-Checking Mel" Sheds Light on Crucial Role of Accuracy in Journalism at Guwahati Event
"Fact-Checking Mel" Sheds Light on Crucial Role of Accuracy in Journalism at Guwahati Event

The bustling city of Guwahati recently played host to a thought-provoking event titled "Fact-checking Mel," organized by BOOM Live, a leading authority in the domain of fact-checking. The conference served as a platform for esteemed journalists, fact-checkers, and media professionals from across the region to delve into the vital role of accuracy and objectivity in today’s journalism landscape.

Rajeev Bhattacharyya, speaking on "Fact-checking during Conflict," underscored the journalist's paramount duty to prioritize facts over opinions. Bhattacharyya highlighted the challenges posed by the blending of news and opinion, cautioning against the dangers of misleading narratives and emphasizing the necessity to meticulously scrutinize planted stories. He advocated for independent verification as the cornerstone of trustworthy journalism, stating, "The idea is to neither accept narratives nor dismiss them outright."

Addressing the tangible impacts of misinformation, Sushmita Goswami, President of the Guwahati Press Club, urged the media fraternity to leverage existing tools to combat this menace. Goswami emphasized the importance of proactive engagement in factual reporting, stating, "In the north-east, we have the means to be a part of the solution. It’s only whether we choose to be."

Jency Jacob, Managing Editor at BOOM Live, highlighted the indispensable skill of fact-checking for journalists, stressing the need for journalists to stay abreast of the latest tech tools. In an interactive session, H R Venkatesh engaged participants in exercises to identify biases and fallacies, emphasizing the critical thinking and skepticism that fact-checkers must adopt. "Not only must we think like fact-checkers, we must also live like them," he remarked.

Divya Chandra, the fact-checking trainer at BOOM Live, dispelled the misconception that fact-checking is solely for journalists and media professionals. Chandra highlighted that fact-checking is crucial for everyone who consumes information, emphasizing the need for individuals to learn how to verify information independently.

The event also marked the launch of the North-East Facts Network, an initiative by BOOM Live aimed at strengthening fact-checking efforts in the region. Sabina Yasmin Rahman, Project Lead of the North East Facts Network, and Titha Ghosh, Associate Producer at BOOM Live, coordinated the day’s activities, further emphasizing the commitment to promoting accuracy and truthfulness in media reporting.

"Fact-Checking Mel" Sheds Light on Crucial Role of Accuracy in Journalism at Guwahati Event
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