Guwahati: GMC Conducts Drive Against Parlours, Restaurants

Guwahati: GMC Conducts Drive Against Parlours, Restaurants

The Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Collector and Senior Medical Officer together with other officials from the Health and Enforcement Branch, conducted a trade license inspection drive against parlour, restaurants, café, and lodges in Guwahati.

The GMC officials conducted the drive at Ulubari, Bhangagarh, Commerce point and other parts of the city.

A total of 11 Unisex spas and salons were visited throughout the drive, with 6 of them being open and 5 of them being closed at the time of inspection. Only one of the six unisex spas and salons that remained open could provide a valid trade licence, and the remaining five were found to be operating without one.

The drive has been conducted against the parlours and restaurants in Guwahati for violating rules and regulations. During the drive, one hotel, one bar-cum-restaurant, two ladies beauty parlours, and one restaurant were inspected, and all were found to be operating without a valid trade licence, with the exception of the restaurant.

Cases have also been registered against the parlour and lodges during the drive who violated the rules.

During the drive, a total of Rs. 41,500/- was collected as a penalty.

It is worth mentioning that in the last three days, Guwahati Municipal Corporation authorities visited a total of 29 Unisex spas & salons in different parts of Guwahati. 12 of these establishment were found to be closed. Only one of the remaining 17 Unisex spas & salons that were open at the time of the inspection could provide a valid trade licence, while the others were operating their business without one.

Earlier, the municipal corporation said that it will grant trade licenses for unisex parlours, spas, beauty parlours, and hair cutting saloons in the city with specified conditions and guidelines.

The conditions include that there cannot be any exclusive rooms or chambers within the premises of the parlour, spas, and saloons.

The main doors of these spaces should be transparent and qualified therapists will have to be appointed, the order read.

Moreover, therapy or massages cannot be provided by the opposite sex and provision of one by steam bath may be provided but in no case opposite sex shall assist in any way.

Besides, contact details of all visitors and clients to the trade establishments must be maintained, the order added.

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