Guwahati: Vice Prez Calls Upon Education Institutions to Be Crucible of Change in Society

VP says that those who used to advise us, are taking our advice now.
Guwahati: Vice Prez Calls Upon Education Institutions to Be Crucible of Change in Society
Guwahati: Vice Prez Calls Upon Education Institutions to Be Crucible of Change in Society

The Vice President, Jagdeep Dhanhkar today described education as the most effective mechanism to bring societal change. Calling upon education institutions to be crucible of change, he said that it would be possible only when they engage in innovation, research and development, and think out of box.

Speaking during an interaction with the faculty members and students of Cotton University in Guwahati today, VP Dhankhar underlined that education is the most potent medium to even out inequalities and to combat inequities. “If we manage to have quality education, other things will fall in place,” he added.

The Vice President asserted that India is changing & the rise of India is unstoppable. Sating that the world is stunned at our growth, he said “Our AmritKaal is our Gaurav Kaal because we are on a path that is in accordance with our civilizational ethos.”

Listing various historic achievements in recent days, such as landing on moon’s south pole and presidency of G20, the Vice President said that during last decade, India has travelled journey from being among the Fragile Five economies to the fifth largest economy in the world. Highlighting that India’s voice is being heard at every global platform, he said, “those who used to advise us, are taking our advice.”

The Vice President further said that India's rise is indigestible to some who are ready togo to any extent to taint and tarnish Bharat's institutions. Therefore, he appealed to everyone to antidote and neutralise such anti-Bharat narrative. “It's our national duty to believe in our nation, to believe in Bhartiyata. Be proud citizens of Bharat & take pride in our accomplishments,” he stressed.

Underlining that an ecosystem has been put in place so that everyone can realise his or her full potential, VP Dhankhar said that there is no dearth of opportunity for youth today. “It's right time, right circumstances, right system.Everything is possible. You have to only take first step & the system will help you,” he said while underscoring that right Government policies are in place to help your realise their dreams.

“Our power corridors, which were infested with power brokers, and corrupt middlemen, now have been thoroughly sanitised. Power brokers are nowhere to be seen & common man is biggest beneficiary of this,” VP Dhankhar said.

Describing economic nationalism is an integral part of our economic philosophy, the Vice President questioned as to why we use our precious foreign exchange in improving items like kites, lamps, candles, toys, curtains, furniture etc. calling for change in our thinking, VP said that we should be vocal for local. “I would appeal to everyone, especially our industry & businesses that this approach for small monetary gains is not good for our country. If very Indian pledges to follow economic nationalism, he or she will contribute immensely for Bharat's economy,” he stressed.

Observing that natural resources belong to humanity, VP called for their optimum utilisation and said that one’s fiscal power should not determine our usage of natural resources e g. water, electricity, petrol.

Talking about NEP-2020, the Vice President said that “It is not degree oriented, it's knowledge & skill oriented. This is big change.” Calling students as the warriors of 2047, he said that they will decide what Bharat will be in 2047 when we celebrate centenary of our independence.

Praising the Cotton University for producing several illustrious alumni including many Chief Ministers, the Vice President suggested them to call biennial meetings of alumni & engage them to give back to the society through college.

Gulab Chand Kataria, Governor of Assam, Dr. Ranoj Pegu, Education Minister of Assam, Prof. Ramesh Chandra Deka, Vice-Chancellor, Cotton University  and other dignitaries attended the event.

Guwahati: Vice Prez Calls Upon Education Institutions to Be Crucible of Change in Society
VP Jagdeep Dhankhar Lands in Guwahati

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