Indrani Tahbildar Death: Didn't Know About Political Pressure, Says Husband

He informed that on the day Indrani Tahbildar died by suicide, he was out of town and in Kolkata for some work.
BJP Kisan Morcha leader Indrani Tahbildar died by suicide
BJP Kisan Morcha leader Indrani Tahbildar died by suicideFile Image

The husband of deceased Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kisan Morcha Secretary Indrani Tahbildar on Wednesday said that he had no knowledge of any political pressure on his wife which may have led to her death.

This comes after the prime accused Anurag Chaliha on Tuesday revealed to the police during questioning that Indrani had been facing political pressure and intimidation from one Abhimanyu Das, accusing the latter to have leaked the intimate pictures that led to Indrani Tahbildar commmitting suicide.

Indrani Tahbildar's husband, Ritesh Tahbildar arrived at the Chandmari Police Station in Guwahati today. He told reporters that the Anurag Chaliha, who was seen in the objectionable photograph with Indrani Tahbildar which got leaked, was living on rent with his in-laws, Indrani's parents.

He said, "In the FIR I had named Anurag Chaliha. I don't know about the other people who he has named. It is up to the police to continue the investigation. I know there is political pressure at times, but she never told me anything about it."

Ritesh Tahbildar told reporters that it was their house help who had called at around 5.15 pm in the evening and informed him that Indrani had died by suicide.

"I am not involved in politics, hence, I have no idea about all these things," added Ritesh Tahbildar.

He informed that on the day Indrani Tahbildar died by suicide, he was out of town and in Kolkata for some work.

It may be noted that Anurag Chaliha pleaded innocence before the police during his interrogation on Tuesday and shifted the blame of the entire incident on Abhimanyu Das.

Anurag Chaliha was apprehended at Demow in Sivasagar on Monday by a team of Guwahati Police and Sivasagar Police and subsequently brought to the Chandmari PS.

In his confession to the police, Anurag Chaliha said that another man named Abhimanyu Das is the main person behind the death of Indrani Tahbildar. Pleading his innocence, Anurag Chaliha told that the police's investigation should focus on Abhimanyu.

According to Chaliha's expose, Abhimanyu had physically and mentally harassed and abused the deceased Indrani Tahbildar at a locked hotel room in Meghalaya's Nongpoh and also blackmailed her.

He said that Abhimanyu was trying to pressure Indrani to withdraw her candidature for the Barpeta constituency ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.

Abhimanyu was seeking the backing that Indrani Tahbildar had and the support of Amin Chakraborty's faction, who is the nephew of a top RSS leader, said the detained Anurag Chaliha.

In addition, Abhimanyu was also pressuring Indrani Tahbildar's faction into giving him the position of President of Barpeta Kisan Morcha, Chaliha revealed.

BJP Kisan Morcha leader Indrani Tahbildar died by suicide
Anurag Chaliha Pleads Innocence Before Police In Indrani Tahbildar's Death

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