Kharguli Incident Took Place Due To Negligence: Lurinjyoti Gogoi

A Gammon JICA water supply mainline pipe burst in the Kharguli area of Guwahati on Thursday at around 3 pm.
Lurinjyoti Gogoi spoke on the Kharguli incident
Lurinjyoti Gogoi spoke on the Kharguli incident

Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) president Lurinjyoti Gogoi on Friday said that the incident in Kharguli was unfortunate and it took place due to someone’s negligence.

Lurinjyoti Gogoi was speaking to reporters on the incident in Kharguli today where a Gammon JICA water supply pipeline burst causing water to gush out with great force. The incident resulted in the loss of one life, while causing damages to nearby dwellings and also washed away several vehicles.

He said, “The entire incident is extremely unfortunate. This is not a natural disaster and has happened due to the negligence of someone. Those responsible for quality check and maintenance of the pipes are at fault for the incident.”

Lurinjyoti further said, “The 2011 project should have completed in 2015. There has been corruption in the water supply scheme. No employee of the department should be let off scot free. There should be a proper investigation into the company and the department officials.”

“The incident took place due to an ordinary pipe bursting. What is to happen if such sort of an accident occurs at the lower Subansiri dam? The Chief Minister should arrange for proper investigation into the incident,” added Gogoi.

A Gammon JICA water supply main line pipe burst in the Kharguli area of Guwahati on Thursday at around 3 p.m. The burst caused a massive water gush that swept away several vehicles and damaged at least 40 houses. Reportedly, over 600 people were affected and around 30 persons have been injured in the incident.

One person, Sumitra Rabha, was killed in the incident. She was a resident of one of the houses that was damaged by the water gush. Meanwhile, the injured were rushed to the nearby hospitals for treatment. The police have cordoned off the area and are investigating the cause of the burst.

Lurinjyoti Gogoi spoke on the Kharguli incident
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