Policeman Brutally Assaulted in Midnight Attack at Guwahati Pub

Reports suggest that the attack involved thrashing the officer with a stick and pouring engine oil on him, followed by an attempted act of arson.
Policeman Brutally Assaulted in Midnight Attack at Guwahati Pub
Policeman Brutally Assaulted in Midnight Attack at Guwahati Pub

In a shocking incident that unfolded in the midnight hours on Sunday, miscreants launched a brutal attack on on-duty police personnel from the Basistha police station, leaving the city of Guwahati in a state of shock and disbelief.

The incident occurred at Basistha road, where the proprietor of THE ECHO Pub & Grill allegedly instigated a violent assault on a policeman identified as Pradeep Basumatary.

According to reports, the assault on the officer included beating him and dousing him with engine oil, followed by an attempted arson.

The motive behind the attack seems to be linked to recent actions taken by the Basistha police against the PUB. It has been reported that the establishment was allegedly operating as a liquor den, flouting regulations by staying open till late hours of the night. This defiance led to the apprehension of four individuals including two women by the Basistha police.

Ankur Dutta and Debakanta Dev Nath have been identified as the individuals apprehended, whereas the detained women, Mayuri Gautam and Korobi Sarma, are reportedly actresses in Assamese daily soap operas.

Prior to the attack, tensions had escalated in the vicinity of the PUB, with incidents of violence erupting, including the setting ablaze of a two-wheeler by intoxicated individuals. Locals have voiced their grievances, highlighting the persistent issue of the bar operating beyond permissible hours.

Questions have emerged regarding the responsibility for allowing such activities to continue unchecked, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the State Excise Department.

In response to this alarming incident, there is growing anticipation regarding the actions that will be taken by the concerned authorities, particularly the Excise Department, to address the flagrant violations and ensure accountability in the wake of this brazen attack on state police personnel.

Policeman Brutally Assaulted in Midnight Attack at Guwahati Pub
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