What Guwahati CP Diganta Barah Said On Shocking Koinadhora Killing...

Gitashri and her family members initially tried to derail the investigation by giving false statements to the police.
Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah
Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta BarahFILE

Guwahati Police on Monday singlled out one Sourabh Goenka as the main accused behind the shocking murder of a youth in the city's Koinadhora area recently.

Regarding the matter, the commissioner of police (CP) in Guwahati breifed the media today. During the address, Diganta Barah said, "The incident had taken place on October 12. In the ensuing investigation, we detained six people and interrogated them after which the entire incident has become clear. Sourabh Goenka is the main accused behind the killing of Anjan Nath."

He said, "We have information that Gitashri Sinha has previously been married twice. However, both her marriages ended in a divorce. After her last divorce, she was staying with her parents in Guwahati. Gitashri Sinha is a mother to a six year old child from her second marriage. That child is presently Tripura."

Throwing light on the complex case, the Guwahati Police Commissioner informed that the victim Anjan Nath and Gitashri Sinha had come to know each other some time around four years ago. However, the family of Gitashri had not consented to their relationship. Moreover, there used to be frequent squabbles between the two, said Diganta Barah.

He said, "Gitashri was employed at a massage parlour called J Maya. That is where Gitashri had met Sourabh Goenka. Soon, Gitashri and Sourabh fostered a romantic relationship between them. With the help of his aide Aravinda Roy, Goenka tried to get rid of Anjan Nath through witchcraft and black magic. On the other hand, his other accomplice helped Goenka in procuring the murder weapon, that is, the pistol from Bihar. Two days before the murder, Goenka had planned out the entire thing."

"On the day of the murder, Anjan Nath had gone to Chhaygaon. Meanwhile, Gitashri was constantly in touch with the assailants and provided them with the information of Anjan's whereabouts. The assailants had arrived on a Yamaha bike. While Anjan was waiting beside the Ganesh temple at Koinadhora, the assailants arrived and shot at him. After the shooting, the assailants went and disposed of the weapon at the Bharalu River. After that, the entire family got involved in the act. One of the mobile phones belonging to Gitashri was tossed off at GS Road, the murderer confessed," said Diganta Barah.

Elucidating more on the sequence of events after the shooting, the Guwahati Police Commissioner said that the after the police arrived at the scene, Anjan was immediately rushed to Metro Hospital. An investigation team was set up under the leadership of Basistha ACP to probe the matter. At around 9:15 pm that night, Anjan Nath was declared dead.

Gitashri and her family members initially tried to derail the investigation by giving false statements to the police. Govinda Roy of Bihar, who helped in acquiring the murder weapon, is a auto-driver by trade. Anjan and Gitashri were childhood friends and never engaged in a social or legal marriage, added the Guwahati CP.

Shedding further light on the details behind the crime, Diganta Barah said, "Anjan Nath had never gone to Gitashri's home. He was addicted to abusive substances. On the other hand, Sourabh Goenka was in contact with arms dealers in Bihar. He along with his accomplice had taken a flight to Kolkata recently, to purchase the weapon. Later, Govinda Roy had even trained Goenka on how to use the pistol."

"On the day of the incident, Sourabh parked his bike right next to Anjan Nath. At that time, Gitashri was in contact with both the accused and the victim at the same time through two mobile phones. She was using one phone to talk to Anjan, while the other phone was connected to Sourabh through which she was informing him about the whereabouts of Anjan. After parking beside Anjan, Sourabh opened fire at him and shot him once. The other mobile phone belonging to Gitashri was then disposed off somewhere along Zoo Road," he further said.

Concluding his address, Diganta Barah said, "After committing the murder, Sourabh Goenka went to Aravinda Roy's place where he hid himself and also switched off his phone. He also kept his Honda City car there. Sourabh Goenka is a manager at a dry fruits store. Also, the relationship between the parents of both Anjan and Gitashri was not good." 

Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah
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