'Health Messengers' Honoured By GNRC At 4th Swasthyamitra Excellence Awards

GNRC, the leading healthcare provider in North East India, recognizes heroes dedicated to achieving 'Health for All, Smiles for All' and rewards their efforts.
'Health Messengers' Honoured By GNRC At 4th Swasthyamitra Excellence Awards
'Health Messengers' Honoured By GNRC At 4th Swasthyamitra Excellence Awards

Over half of the global population lacks essential healthcare services, with developing nations such as India facing even graver challenges. To bridge this gap and make healthcare accessible to all, including those at the lower end of the financial spectrum, GNRC, the first super specialty healthcare provider in North East India, introduced the Affordable Health Mission (AHM) in 2017. Through the relentless efforts of over 6,500 dedicated missionaries known as Swasthyamitra (Health Messengers), the mission has expanded across Assam and beyond, positively impacting the lives of over 12 million individuals.

'Swasthyamitra' stands as a distinctive and ambitious endeavour by GNRC. These Community Health Workers provide health education to communities, guiding them to incorporate preventive health measures into their personal, family, and community practices.

To celebrate and acknowledge their significant contributions to this remarkable feat, GNRC hosted the 4th Swasthya Mitra Excellence Awards ceremony today at the Pragjyoti ITA Centre, Machkhowa, attended by over 1,100 Swasthyamitras (SMs). A total of 200 Swasthyamitras were awarded medals and certificates for their outstanding efforts in ensuring access to quality healthcare for all within their communities. Eminent and popular motivational speaker Mr. Dipak Sarma graced the occasion as Chief Guest along with noted columnist and former Associate Professor of Cotton College Dr (Mrs.) Jayasree Borah, and Executive Directors of the Company Mrs Satabdee Borah and Dr Madhurjya Borah.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Nomal Chandra Borah, Founder of GNRC & Affordable Health Mission, emphasized the imperative of addressing humanity's crucial need for affordable healthcare by overcoming access barriers through a multifaceted approach. This approach involves educating various segments of society, continuous advocacy, coordinated actions, and societal collaboration, which prompted the inception of the Affordable Health Mission. This mission integrates compassionate intentions, progressive policies, and equitable practices. Dr. Borah underscored that a healthy populace is essential for socio-economic progress and national prosperity, highlighting the significance of initiatives that combat illness. He credited the success of this public health mission primarily to the dedication of the Swasthyamitras, whose efforts are also instrumental in supporting government schemes like Ayushman Bharat and Ayushman Asom Yojana. Today's ceremony aims to honor their invaluable contributions.

A significant factor contributing to numerous health conditions is the absence of effective communication regarding healthy lifestyles and the importance of preventive healthcare and early intervention. The Affordable Health Mission serves as a platform to disseminate this message of healthy living to the broader population, thereby fostering the advancement of society and nation-building. "It is incumbent upon us to acknowledge these missionaries and convey our appreciation for their substantial contributions to society."

In closing remarks, Dr. Borah expressed his sincere appreciation: "I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues, the media in Assam, and every member of the community for their invaluable support in advancing our vision of 'Health for All, Smiles for All.' This milestone wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering efforts and dedication exhibited by the entire GNRC family."

'Health Messengers' Honoured By GNRC At 4th Swasthyamitra Excellence Awards
GNRC Hospital Reaffirms Commitment To 'Health For All, Smiles For All'

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