Nagaland: 4 Dengue Cases Reported In Dimapur, Advisory Issued

Nagaland: 4 Dengue Cases Reported In Dimapur, Advisory Issued

In a major development, Nagaland's Dimapur district has registerd four dengue positive cases this month. According to a Nagaland Post report, joint director and SPO (National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme), Dr. Neisakho Kere, has informed that single cases of the viral disease were reported from Indisen, Signal Basti, 4th mile Diphupar A and Lomithi colony.

In order to contain the spread of the disease, Dr. Kere urged people to observe a "one dry day a week", where water contained in containers around the house should be emptied as dengue mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. He said
"The programme has been conducting various activities like entomological studies, larvicidal operations, larvivorous fish distribution for open drains, water bodies, fogging, house to house fever survey, dengue awareness, etc., in order to contain further infection," Dr. Kere said in an advisory published.

The advisory stated that the general public of Nagaland have a huge responsibility to play in containing the disease and combating it through the endeavours of a government programme is futile.

Prime amongst which is to ensure that surroundings of homes, schools, settlements and businesses are clean and there are no stagnated water in drains, discarded containers, disposed vehicle tyres and other medium of storage, it said.
"Keep all water filled vessels and tanks tightly covered and throw out any rubbish lying around like plastic cups, old containers, tyres, coconut shells etc., and to check around the compound every week," it advised.

It also recommended the use of mosquito nets both during day and night time, especially for pregnant women and children, and to immediately consult a doctor in case of high fever.

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