Upsurge of Congress In Assam Should Be From Villages, Blocks: Gaurav Gogoi

Congress leader and MP from Assam, Gaurav Gogoi said that importance shall be given at the blocks in the district level for Congress to rise in Assam again.

He made this statement while addressing the media on Wednesday.

Congress Leader Gaurav Gogoi said that the upsurge of Congress party shouldn’t be from Guwahati, rather from the villages, blocks and districts of Assam.

To grow, Congress needs to make a new ‘yatra’ in Assam.

He further said that Congress will have to give more of their time at the district offices.

‘We need to understand the conditions under which the block office works in Assam,” said Gaurav Gogoi.

Gogoi further pointed that the importance that should be given at the block district level is not given by the Congress party which is also a reason for the downfall of the party in Assam.

“The culture that the BJP wants to impose does not match to the community of Assam,” Gogoi added.

Congress is going to be the next government, claimed Gaurav Gogoi.

“Himanta Biswa Sharma’s government has failed in two months. It has also failed to address the border issue properly and find a solution to it,” said Gogoi.

He further stated that the war is just going on in Twitter.

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